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The Internet

Submission + - A decent web-host for personal use? (

gunnk writes: "In the past six weeks, my web-hosting provider has let the physical hard drives on my shared server space fill up TWICE. Each time it takes days to fix after I complain — and once it's fixed I get the same "it won't happen again" email.

Where's a geek to turn for a little inexpensive, but quality hosting? I'm not talking a big corporate site — I just want space to host the various pages my family has along with our blogs. I'm looking for real hosting (not just a blogger page or the like) since I want to have PHP, MySQL, and other basic website functionality at my disposal.

Where does the Slashdot crowd turn for personal web hosting that's reliable, cheap, and reasonably feature-rich?"

Linux Business

Submission + - Samba Success in the Enterprise?

gunnk writes: "We've deployed a Samba server here to replace some aging Novell Netware boxes. It works great: fast, secure, stable. However, we have one VIP that feels that Samba is "amateur" software and that we should be buying Windows servers. I've been searching with little success for large Samba deployments in enterprise environments. Anyone out there care to share stories of places that are happily running large Samba installations for their file servers? Or not so happy, for that matter — better to be informed!"

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