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Setting aside that the Republicans controlled all three branches of government from 2001 - 2006, this narrative assumes that the federally backed loan buyers (Fannie and Freddie) were the drivers of the speculative bubble, but they weren't--the wall street firms were way out in the lead on this and Fannie and Freddie were just following along after the party was most of the way over.

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by gumbi west (#46797463) Attached to: Beer Price Crisis On the Horizon

You might want to add, "I am not an economist but..." before you write these things. "which may mean lower profits, leading to reduced employment" is as ridiculous as saying that adding a powered usb port will draw less power from your CPU and speed computation.

We have no idea what this will do for employment, there's simply too much going on. Increasing beer prices ever so slightly (I doubt this adds more than a cent or two per can, but whatever) would decrease beer consumption (also ever so slightly) and might increase productivity in other industries. Also, increasing food safety could decrease time off economy wide. It's impossible to know. But I doubt any effect would be large.

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