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Comment Re: Have they found a fix for physics? (Score 1) 229

Truck are not generally designed to keep passengers safe because they are really only meant to move around on a farm or work site. They generally have much lower safety requirements than cars so that they can cost less.

I think you're radically underestimating the amount of force a 50 pound object has to dissipate in 30 MPH of deceleration and the amount of deformation that is available to it. It's like how hitting water, at high speeds, is basically the same as hitting concrete.

Comment Re:Have they found a fix for physics? (Score 1) 229

The reason you keep them double wrapped is to keep the moisture out so that they don't freeze solid and become dangerous projectiles or become difficult to spread out when you need to use them to cover the ice and snow and use it to get traction.

Just to be clear, if you stop hard, it isn't going to matter if sand is frozen hard or not, if it hits you going 30 MPH faster than you, it will end you quickly.

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