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Comment Re:Wait a minute... (Score 1) 102

First of all, lawyers getting rich of a case like this isn't all bad. If the options are (1) let some ass continue doing something harmful to everyone, or (2) make some lawyer rich and stop the ass, I'd take (2) over (1) every time. But lawyer's fees are usually capped at a percentage of the final settlement, so it has to be better than (2) by a long shot.

It's inefficient (economically) that you can't sue for lawyer's fees, but that's what "pain and suffering" portions of settlements usually cover. Removing their possibility is basically making a person pay for their lawyer out of the fungible loses that they incurred.

Comment Re:How patriotic! Criminalizing decent (Score 1) 737

Remember, any time you think "the voters aren't smart enough, we need a special person to impose the correct solution": that's authoritarian government, and no matter how justly it might begin it never ends well.

J.J. Rousseau disagrees with you. You might enjoy his books.

Comment Re:Depends on desired service. (Score 1) 190

I'm going to have to disagree with the comment about rain. I had a wireless ISP with the base station a few miles from my house and there was no density of rain that change the speed at all. This included an ex-hurricane and several rain fall events that caused flooding in lower areas. I do have to admit I was at 4 Mbps.

Comment Re:Let's put some numbers on that... (Score 1) 337

One nice thing about low, constant, levels of ionizing radiation is that they actually slightly REDUCE the incidence of cancer and the like. (This is part of why Denver residents don't have horrible cancer rates compared to those living nearer sea level.) Apparently the ionizing radiation provokes the production of inducible enzymes that repair DNA and scavenge free radicals - preventing more damage from both radiation and free radicals from the cell's own energy production than the radiation causes. Up to the saturation of the induciblity it's a slight net gain. Unfortunately, the neutrino flux from fusion reactors would be too low to confer this benefit.

How's that kool-aid you're drinking? I think there isn't a strong conclusion on really low doses but that doesn't mean that they are safe.

There is evidence that pre-exposure can help with an exposure, but the pre-exposure still causes health effects. There is also in interesting NBER paper showing health effects that are higher than an LNT model would predict.

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