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Cold, I don't consider part c plans (your first link) to be fraudulent but I'm amazed to see a Republican back plans that have these characteristics:

* Part C plans cost 15% more than Medicare
* There is no evidence that Part C plans are better than Medicare

Part C could have been interesting if the first line was different. What if they cost 10% less and there wasn't evidence that medicare was better? Hmm, maybe? But the Republicans didn't set them up that way. They set them up to cost more. The best thing that can be said about them is that they offered free health club memberships. But then we'd have a Republican claiming that the government should be spending $1,500 / year to get seniors health club memberships. Are you seriously going to say that?

The fraud prevention has to do with Medicare fraud being rampant. The law was setup, by congress, so that providers had a right to participate in the programs. So Medicare would shutdown a fraudulent biller and they could apply to be covered the next day. Then, by law, Medicare would have to accept them into the program (it was a right). Now, Medicare has more power to prevent this type of fraud. This is a good thing. Don't you agree?

I'm unaware of the right abandoning Obamacare. It's a great idea. It used to be that if you wanted to start a business or continue to run a small business, you would have to go find health insurance on a market that would discriminate harshly against you. Now, you go to one big market and get good rates. So small businesses are easier to open and more affordable to open. It's really just trying to prevent a Democrat from getting credit for something good that is making the right hate Obamacare, not the policy, which is great.

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I don't think that heavily armored vehicle without a functioning gun on the front qualifies as a tank. I also can find nothing about privately owned air-ready F-16s, but even then, it would have no weapon systems. And I was talking about these systems as weapons, not expensive toys.

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Blame: I'll take it. The vast majority of the bill is intended to reduce fraud in medicare (and has done so). The parts that you think of as Obamacare are working out very well too.

But, I do admit that the intellectual conception of Obamacare came from the right wing think tanks. And that makes sense, it's ultimately very libertarian / free market oriented. They just couldn't get it implemented.

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I agree. CDC advises health professionals who are free to not give a fuck what they say and do their own thing. Regulations on doctors in the US are essentially zero and will stay that way. In the end our health system depends on doctors to do the right thing and while most do, some don't.

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