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Journal: Boycott

Journal by guitaristx
Here is a weblog post indicating why I am now boycotting I encourage all /.ers who read this to do the same, and to let know that you're doing it.
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Journal: re: M$ ads on /.

Journal by guitaristx
Update on the previous journal entry -- a story submission (Ask Slashdot) regarding the "windows TCO lower than Linux" ads. The story submission title was "Slashdot ad hypocrisy?" and was rejected. Am I the only one that finds this hypocritic?

Journal: M$ ads on slashdot?!

Journal by guitaristx
How is it that Slashdot, with all its anti-Microsoft sentiment, can show a M$ "TCO of Linux is 4x that of Windows" advertisement? All of these studies that we know are doctored, we've got ads on the front page of /. saying in neanderthal English that even James Hetfield would be proud of, "Linux bad! Windows good!"


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