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Comment Re:Windows Phone is DOA (Score 1) 629

I liked Windows Phone also. Never was I ever interrupted with a phone call as the phone helpfully rebooted on receipt of a call. Also had some wonderful apps that made edlin look like an app for LCARS.....LOL!

Seriously, the windows phone I had (an HTC) ran yards better with the hacked version of Android than it ever did with Windows Phone.

Comment RE:A Radical Plan? (Score 1) 391

Pay CBS large sums of money to feature the third-rate crappy products in their primetime lineup, with the hope that by shoving them (and their crappy OS) down everyone's throats it will catch on. For a blatant example, see Under the Dome for 7/22/2013.

Great plan.......for me to poop on :)

Comment Patents Should Have Never Been Granted on Software (Score 4, Insightful) 90

Software algorithms, especially as most programmers were taught from the same basics, can be very ubiquitous. While I think coding implementation of an alogrithm can be unique and should be copyrightable, granting patents on the algorithm is a very flawed and growth inhibiting concept. It's nice to see ANY lawmaker realizing this and trying to correct this egregious error that, IMHO, has gimped software development for the last 20 years. I wonder when the laws in the U.S. will catch up with this way of thinking and put an end to all the freaking patent trolls.

Comment Amazon's Hosting O/S? (Score 1) 312

Wouldn't it be terribly ironic if Amazon was using Linux internally, taking advantage of the hard work of the open-source community, only to shun them away from using any content being generated?

Perhaps another clause is needed in GPL?

I tried a friends Amazon Prime account earlier this month on XBMC. It worked great and had some content of which interested me. So much so that, last evening I signed up for Prime, only to find today that I can't even use it. Oh well, so much for the 30-day trial.

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