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Comment: My personal etymology (Score 1) 876

by guidemaker (#27997251) Attached to: The Hard Drive Is Inside the Computer
I've always assumed that this naming convention started with the Classic Mac. With that, the computer *was* the screen, and if you were lucky enough to have a hard drive, that was the little box attached to the screen. In previous jobs, it would usually be the longtime Mac users would would use Hard Drive for the computer itself, and I suspect it's just one of those memes that gets spread around.
The Internet

+ - 16-year-old girl convicted for child porn

Submitted by
Skiing writes "From Internet Cases: A state appellate court in Florida has affirmed the decision of a trial court that adjudicated a 16-year-old girl a delinquent based on her violation of the state's anti-child pornography statute. The case complicates the analysis as to what kind of privacy rights minors have, and it also raises a fundamental question as to how laws should be enforced to effectuate their purposes. If anti-child pornography statutes are intended to protect minors from exploitation, doesn't it seem at least a bit anomalous to prosecute the very persons who are being exploited?"

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