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Comment Re:Natural space station (Score 2, Insightful) 148

Don't forget the scandalous one and a half trillion dollar F-35 program. It's just shocking. One BAD light fighter-bomber jet ends up costing almost like the entire Pentagon budget for three years. If this is not the proof that Pentagon exists these days to enrich the shareholders of the military-industrial complex, rather than protect our country, I don't know what what else could be..

Comment Just wait for UltraHD streaming. (Score 1) 280

I disagree. I recall hearing that an UltraHD stream of decent quality requires 20-50Mbps. Netflix is already offering a pilot UltraHD service, but the specifically require that you have 100Mbps connection.

So I personally think, one way or another the geekdom and nerddom will move onto 100Mbps broadband eventually. At the same time, I fail to see a genuine "must have" application for the gigabit broadband in most homes.

Comment Re:"the UK and US finished joint-eight with Russia (Score 2) 280

It's indeed very interesting, specially to compare USA and Russia. People argued that relatively poor average adoption of broadband has to do with the fact that USA is a huge country with most population centers in the coastal areas, while the middle states are rural with low population density and very high population dispersion. Well, guess what, Russia is in the same boat, only worse. Only 110 million Russians are living in the European Russia, resulting in population density below 30 people per sq km, which is already lower than USA average or European. And once you count the Asian part of Russia, the population density is below 10 per square km.

Comment Re:10 Mbps (Score 1) 280

Depends on the size of household. At my place in the late afternoon, there may be three video streams be running into different rooms, and I guess that's ok even with 12Mbps, but 30Mbps is better specially considering you need something closer to 10Mbps for a single decent quality 1080p stream.

Comment Re:Streaming is overrated (Score 1) 280

I guess if you have lots of patience, 3Mbps is fine. However, I don't have patience when a 10GB file is downloading with that sort of speed. I think the 20-22Mbps I am getting is a more of a sweet spot. I can stream an HD video from netflix, and somebody else can run a network video game or torrent without us slowing down each other.

Comment Re:10 Mbits isn't enough (Score 1) 280

We don't need to stream BD quality. Netflix has this sample video that lets you see the quality and the bitrate. I believe when they reach 1080p, the bitrate is somewhere in the neighborhood of 8000bps.

However, I agree with you that 10Mbit is no longer enough. While my household has three TVs, streaming video from uverse and netflix is also popular, and two streams can easily clash. As I mentioned in that example, you effectively need 10Mbps for a single 1080p stream. But besides the stream, people my my household are also frequently playing online games, use torrent and skype. We get by with 20-22Mbps uverse connection pretty well though.

Comment I hope there will be a way to turn this off (Score 1) 451

I hope there will be a switch to turn off this feature permanently. I for one enjoy the process of driving a car myself and being in control. I don't need nannies telling me how to maintain speed, stay in lane or when to brake.

Comment Re:Jack of all trades, master of none (Score 3, Interesting) 732

I don't think anybody in the AF believes that F-35 seriously replaces the A-10. It was just an excuse to get rid of A-10. The Air Force simply wants out of CAS business, hoping that the Army helicopters and precision strike from fighter-bomber jets will be good enough.

Even though AF's main job for the last 20 years was about trucking the American troops and equipment back and forth to the site of deployment as well as providing CAS operations, the Air Force generals hate to be seen that way. Their minds are flying in the blue skies, where the non-existing glorious dog fights will be happening between super duper high tech fighter jets. That's why they spend their brain power so much on procuring those fighter jets, even though those are the least likely AF aircraft to see any real action.

Comment Re:Fighter "Generations" is a Lockheed Marketing T (Score 1) 732

I recall another (optional) check-box for the fifth generation fighter jets to meet is the "super cruise" capability (supersonic flight without afterburner).

I personally don't believe that conventional all-out warfare between USA and a big player, like China or Russia, is likely to happen. Just imagine the impact on the world economy. Russia is armed with nukes and nuke delivery platforms up to teeth, while any conflict with China will create a financial panic, seriously harm the world economy, etc. Say hello to a new great depression.

But perhaps we could see proxy conflict and wars, possibly involving "hybrid" warfare. Possible focal points: Taiwan, Ukraine, Moldova, South East Asia, or some place in middle-east, with at least one big opponent operating through proxies rather than directly involved (just like it used to be since WWII).

Comment Re:Might be? (Score 1) 732

That's a far fetched claim. For all we know, F-35 is still an excellent fighter jet for beyond visual range engagement due to its stealth features. The Russian and Chinese stealth aircraft are still either on drawing board, or in early stages of testing. While the timing of the Chinese and Russian stealth projects is quite delayed, I think they could benefit from observing the struggles of JSF program in order not to commit the same errors.

Comment Jack of all trades, master of none (Score 0) 732

It is commonly believed that the F-35 isn't as good as it could have been because it tries to do too many things. As the Joint in the JSF name suggests, this aircraft was designed to replace many different types of aircraft in various branches of the military. There will be three versions:

F-35A (conventional fighter jet, for the Air Force)
F-35C (carrier version for the navy)
F-35B ( short takeoff and vertical landing, for Marine Corps, royal navy, etc)

It turns out that in order to meet the STOVL requirement, the more conventional F-35A and F-35C designs have been compromised in a variety of ways.

Considering that the united air force already has F-22, one of the best fighter jets in the world, or possibly the best, I suppose that on a lot of missions the F-35A could used for strike role while being escorted by an F-22 to counter any aerial threats. On the other hand, for a lot of countries that planned the F-35 to be _THE_ main fighter-bomber jet, lousy dog-fighting capabilities can be a problem as they now have to deal with this gap in the F-35s capabilities somehow.

Comment Why hasn't anybody forked Firefox already? (Score 2) 294

Honestly, for the last four years or so, the only news I see about Firefox here on Slashdot is the "bad news". The foundation keeps introducing new features nobody asked for and keeps changing the familiar user interface. About the only time I thought something good is coming out of the Firefox is when they announced that Firefox will block third-party cookies by default, thus ending one of the biggest routes to privacy violation on the web.. then nothing happened. Firefox has already sold itself to commercial interests, but some how we continue using it by default as if there were no alternatives.

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