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Comment: Re:The Harsh Light of Day (Score 1) 139

by gtall (#46801585) Attached to: Google Aids Scientology-Linked Group CCHR With Pay-Per-Click Ads

He's a funny G-d!! Men pee out of the same organ they use to have sex. Yeah, it might optimize the plumbing but I rather think quite a few Heavenly jokes get cracked about that one. The Universe periodically tries to kill us. Gamma ray bursters, asteroids, comets, Madonna...these are not the acts of a vengeful G-d, this guy has a sense of humor. Tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanoes, Paris Hilton...c'mon, it's a dead giveaway. Shopping malls AND Karl Marx, the mind boggles, G-d is funny guy.

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by gtall (#46799521) Attached to: Obama Delays Decision On Keystone Pipeline Yet Again

Yep, and where would this water come from? The Great Lakes perhaps...not on your grandmother's grave. The Great Lake states will not allow you to decrease the water level of those lakes because they need them for shipping. Aquifers? The farmers in Nebraska, Oklahoma Arkansas, and Texas are already draining the Ogallala Aquifer. And due to the drier conditions in those states due to increased temperature lately, the aquifer is not getting replenished as it should. The Mississippi River, see the Great Lakes.

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Hey, cut him some slack, he's evolving. One doesn't evolve overnight, it requires mediation time, time to kick the can down the road, time to figure out how to procrastinate in the hopes the current problem will go away all by itself due to magical influences such as pixie dust and clicking one's glittering slippers while uttering "We're not in Chicago anymore".

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Self-correcting is relative to time. Many make the assumption that the time base is short and so destructive policies will have relatively immediate consequences. This is what confuses the global climate debate and the argument that when it gets hot enough, we'll switch to something non-carbon based. If the time base is short, that might work. However, if what we pump now means a runaway greenhouse effect 20-30 years from now, then we're screwed 20-30 years from now and no amount of "market forces" will fix that.

Clint Eastwood had it right, "Do ya feel lucky...?"

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If I had to guess, it the problem isn't selling the used grain to farmers that the FDA is worried about. There's nothing stopping the breweries from selling it to anyone.

That said, it is rather stupid. Presumably, there are rules and regs for the breweries to use the grain. Those are sufficient to protect the beer swilling population. Given the heating process, it is probably safer after use than before. So this sounds like there is a use not captured in an FDA rule, and hence the regulators feel the need to fill the vacuum.

This is probably another aspect of the current state of the U.S. where every misdeed must be regulated to that it can be litigated. I heard a program on NPR that seriously considered micro-slights. Those are slights where some one inadvertently says something like "you people" when referring to one of the sanctioned victim classes. Everyone don their mental condoms now and head for the home on the range...where nary is heard a discouraging word and the skies are not cloudy all day. Soon, Garrison Keillor will be President and we'll all be above average.

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Yes and no. If you aren't careful, you'll wind up with a dirty snowball which wasn't so much designed as it was congealed. Modularity will not save you. If your site won't scale, then you are going to need a new design.

I agree with starting small though, as long as the tradeoffs are understood and management doesn't cough up a hairball when a redesign is necessary.

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My only experience with Oracle is with Oracle forms. I've done some extensive work with Java in the past, it is really breathtaking how badly Oracle can design interfaces using it. It is as though they absorbed all of Sun's expertise in interfaces and puked it back out with their own special distaste for useability.

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