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Comment: Re:truly an inspiration. (Score 4, Interesting) 468

by gtall (#49556027) Attached to: Woman Behind Pakistan's First Hackathon, Sabeen Mahmud, Shot Dead

Yes, but poll numbers show Muslims think Jihad in the name of Islam is perfectly potty, just as long as it isn't Muslims getting whacked. Also, Muslims believe political power comes from Allah, most Western (and Christian, I might add) nations believe political power comes from the people. As long as Muslims indulge themselves in this belief of Allah and political power, they will have no problem killing off non-Muslims, and they will never assimilate into Western nations. They will, instead, look at Western nations as nations not yet taken over.

And the Muslim saying, "if Allah wills it" shows just how morally bankrupt they are. They will never lift themselves above dictatorships or dictatorships masquerading as theocracies. And don't bother pointing at Indonesia as a counterpoint, they periodically have pogroms targeting non-Muslims.

Comment: Re:truly an inspiration. (Score 1) 468

by gtall (#49555975) Attached to: Woman Behind Pakistan's First Hackathon, Sabeen Mahmud, Shot Dead

Bullshit. Most men back then just wanted to live their lives without any grandiose delusions of conquering everyone just so they could tell them what to do and make people think their dicks were bigger. Mohammed was no different except for the late stage schizophrenia and using religion as a way for political control. Christ didn't arise in a vacuum, yet Mohammed decided fucking up people was better than being nice to them.

Comment: Re:What has happened to Silicon Valley? (Score 1) 148

by gtall (#49555111) Attached to: Random Generator Parodies Vapid Startup Websites

Much of silicon valley is/was devoted to the transistor. Now that innovation has been assimilated into products and there's not all that much more you can do to the transistor to make it more useful to drive new products, it isn't surprising to see silicon valley slow down. Why would anyone expect innovation to crank on at a steady pace? Everything goes though cycles, innovation is no different?

In addition, scientific breakthroughs are what drives real innovation. Seeing this, Congress has seen fit to cut research spending as have companies. It is the revenge of the bean counters who were never good at science. Scientific breakthroughs are not consistent even with consistent research funding. It took 10s of years to for quantum theory to influence modern electronics. Gravitation theory took 10s of years to influence GPS systems. The cut-off in research funding will eventually result in us just rearranging the technological deck chairs, there won't be new science to draw upon.

There is also the effect of low hanging techno-fruit. It's been plucked over fairly well. Transportation is a good example. Short of developing transporter beams, the jump from the 19th century to the 20th was immense. That's unlikely to continue. Other industries are similar. We got very, very good at what we do with what we have. Even the Wall Street Journal had an article this weekend on how the world is awash in just about everything...oil, minerals, workforce, etc. We're very efficient at producing stuff, so efficient we don't know what to do with it all.

Comment: Re:Regulation is the enemy of free markets. (Score 3, Insightful) 53

Regulation is required for free markets. And example of a free market gone haywire due to lax or no regulation was the housing market. And without the FDA, you'd feel perfectly safe getting your prescriptions from Joe's Medical Stuff and Bait Store, right? Or maybe you wish to turn safety entirely over to the airlines so that an acceptable level of crashes that can be insured against would work for you. Your car company would never think to cut corners and get you killed dead because they could save on not installing proper safety equipment in their vehicles. Your bank account need not be insured by the FDIC because you mistakenly stuck your money in a bank whose owners absconded with your loot. The food you eat need not be inspected regularly to keep your death from being the result of bad processing. The guard rails on your way to work don't need any standard over keeping you from your freedom to plow straight down a ravine into that swiftly flowing river. The next hurricane won't bother you because you'll be safe in your house which didn't need to conform to hurricane building standards, also see earthquakes.

Your grandmother can come and live with you because of the nursing home fire which was caused because the owners didn't need to conform to fire protection standards. And, by the way, it wiped out the money she kept in her room which was destined for you in her will but which she didn't trust a bank to keep and hence kept it in large denomination bills which, tragically, met their end in the fire.

Need I continue?

Comment: Re:the endgame is ironic here (Score 1) 288

by gtall (#49520255) Attached to: Robot Workers' Real Draw: Reducing Dependence on Human Workers

I think you are close to my own view, many systems need a bit of hysteresis to function properly. Currently, the bean counters running companies have taken over. They understand little about what the company does and hence tend to run it at what they think is maximum efficiency...until the wheels fall off because they didn't properly invest for future growth, or created customer hate that built over time, or soiled the environment to the point government had to step in reel them back, caused a Great Recession or Depression, etc.

The other problem with running at maximum efficiency is that companies and economies are systems. Their day-to-day behavior does not explain what will happen during a shock. If your company cannot handle unforeseen circumstances because of running so close to the edge that it can fall over easily, then sooner or later it will fall over because external shocks tend to come. Frequently, they tend to come in clusters because of knockon effects. We build bridges, skyscrapers, etc. with the idea that there may be shocks, say earthquakes. Companies should have rainy day funds, not piss off all funds on stock buybacks for short term gain by the current crop of whack-a-mole company officers, etc. There needs to be some slack in the company as a buffer.

Comment: Re:Compensation delays? Hardly. (Score 5, Insightful) 67

by gtall (#49504011) Attached to: US Military To Recruit Civilian Cybersecurity Experts

The Seals are part of the Navy. And due to Sequestration, the Army will lose about 70,000 shortly.

The problem with accounting is indeed a problem. One doesn't not wave a magic wand and declare there to be accounting. DoD is vast, and they've never had a real audit. Their first real audit is coming due shortly, it took them years to prepare for it because new accounting systems had to be built to handle it.

And when it comes to money wasted, the biggest problem is Congress. DoD figures it has about 25% more physical plant than it needs, but it cannot cut it because it requires closing bases in congressional districts and Congress won't let them do that. They do go though a BRAC process about every 5 years and whack what they can, but Congress won't let them whack enough.

That said, the Air Force is easily the most stuck in the past. Their whizzy new planes are more or less overkill for Daesh. The A-10 is perfect for that, but the Air Force is tasked with countering China and Russia which have been putting money into advanced airplanes. Both have been putting new money into just about everything. This bodes trouble for the U.S. and the Biden Doctrine of bending over first, thinking if they see our a-holes, they'll realize we mean then no harm. So we get the Ukraine problem and China building a new island and new airstrip in the S. China Sea 1000 miles from any Chinese territory. The U.S. does nothing because the Biden Doctrine declares that if we smile a lot, the rest of the world will like U.S....unfortunately for the U.S., its allies that rely on it won't. So they too are starting to spend more on defense. The end result will be a lot of powder kegs splattered across the world that could go off for stupid reasons because men do stupid things. And that will force the U.S. defense budget higher in the long run, presuming the U.S. doesn't take one in the neck because it ignored an existential threat (N. Korea nuking LA, Iran nuking Washington (they are able to put satellites in space which you need to send one to Washington, etc.).

Comment: Re:They're called trees. (Score 4, Insightful) 128

by gtall (#49493321) Attached to: Breakthrough In Artificial Photosynthesis Captures CO2 In Acetate

That's not sophisticated enough. The problem is we're taking eons of sequestered carbon and dumping it into the atmosphere all at once. Trees only sequester carbon for about 100 before they're broken down into CO2 and other stuff again. Think of it as time dilated burning. And planting the world over with trees cannot possibly capture all the sequestered CO2 we're dumping.

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