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by gtall (#47439457) Attached to: New Microsoft CEO Vows To Shake Up Corporate Culture

One time I was watching Gen. Patraeus give a press conference by first giving a brief involving a lot of slides. One slide particularly stood out because it was so incomprehensible. It had arrows flying every which way, some pointing indistinctly at nothing in particular. Different kinds of arrows, blobs in clouds, starbursts, etc. The general was stumbling a bit in his words and he looks up, eyeballs the audience, and thanks the help he got from Microsoft employees in constructing that slide. That answers why it was incomprehensible but not why MS employees were helping him.

Pooperpoint slides encourage a sort of mindless creativity that has no real purpose. This has stupefied many an organization via flows of information that start down in the trenches as being real information. By the time it reaches bullet points for the generals, it has been morphed into disinformation. It actually makes the organization dumber by encouraging the sort of people who demand bullet pointed idiocy to rise to a position they should never hold. At that point, they are merely bullet point consumers and producers, a sort of mutual recursive backscratching moron class that do their best job when they do nothing.

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by gtall (#47439337) Attached to: A Skeptical View of Israel's Iron Dome Rocket Defense System we are to attribute some sort of ethereal "values" to encouraging your kids to whacked on the basis that someone wrote down in a book over 1000 years ago that they'd go to Heaven for it? Sooooo...what's the point of the kiddies being here in the first place. How come Allah doesn't just whack their asses at birth and cut right to the chase?

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I think at this point the Palestinians are rather like the Black Knight of Monty Python. There's nothing you can do short of killing every last one that won't result in the remainders claiming "we was robbed" and declaring Holy Jihad in the name of Muhammed and Allah.

This Allah character is a weird dude in Islam. He is supposed to be so other that he only communicates to humans through angels and them mostly in dreams...which of course is only tailor made for every two-bit Imam and Mullah to declare a visitation in a dream in which all the Jews were seen to be dead by the hand of...yadda, yadda, yadda.

Personally, I think if Allah had any balls he write in clear Arabic over the entire sky what the hell he's after. Short of that, he's just a figment of imagination.

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Oxygen isn't a pollutant either, unless you breath too much of it. Similarly for nitrogen.

Here's a clue, have a sense of proportion. Pump enough CO2 into the atmosphere, big surprise, the atmosphere heats up. Don't want to believe it is problem? Please, don't. However, you cannot ignore the CO2 acidifying the oceans and taking out coral reefs and shell fish. Don't think that's a problem? The ocean is the base of the food chain. Surely, you care about that, eh? Nah? Okay, please go back to sleep.

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Except that none of that would have happened with the money. The Iraq war was pretty much paid for by credit card, at least most of it was off the books.

Think back to the climate before 9-11, Congress and the Administration were waxing political about "surpluses as far as the eye can see". So they instituted the Bush tax cuts. You do recall those. They were brought up recently when Obama railed against them as tax cuts for the rich. Congress did too. Except when they had the chance to let them fade into past, they renewed them and made them permanent.

Meanwhile, government expenses spiraled out of control due to 2/3's of the budget that is non-discretionary. So what did Congress do? Whack discretionary spending including the IRS. The IRS would have been able to collect another $250 billion a year but for lax enforcement because of its budget cuts.

There is no way in hell that Congress or the President was going to stump for spending money on things like energy independence...except they made a half-hearted effort because "you shouldn't waste a crisis". So instead of having a real policy of steady investment, they threw about 800 billion at the economy. Except that didn't all go into "investment". Little known but true, a fair whack of that, about $350 billion, went to that Congressional favorite, tax cuts. So the economy got some transitory "investment" in infrastructure.

So, no, we couldn't have spent that money on infrastructure. Congress and the President do not believe in it. Want to take a guess how far the proposal by Bob Corker (R-TN) and Chris Murphy (D-CN) will go to raise the gas tax and pay for infrastructure? A bi-partisan effort. Obama seems to not care, the conservative Republicans claim this is a matter best left to the states, etc.

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I don't think he's paranoid. Look at Google+, I was forced into signing up for technical correspondence some students demanded...they being somewhat clueless. Google would love it if I told them my occupation, my high school, etc. MS is just trying out-Google everyone else here. They will package the information and either use it themselves and/or sell it to the highest and not so highest bidder.

Many companies want to turn you into an annuity. Now it is becoming clear that many companies want to turn you into an information annuity. They use that information stream in constructing another annuity stream. If they could put a chip in your head to send them your thoughts, they'd do it. The ph of your piss is interesting to them. Your preference in coffee creamer is of utmost importance. How well you can wiggle your hips is vital for hoola-hoop manufacturers. There's nothing about you that is not interesting to some corporate entity.

Best thing we could do in the U.S. is revoke person-hood status for corporate entities and start treating them like they do us. Let's have total informational awareness of how they conduct their business. Business secrets? Bah, humbug. Put their activities on web sites so we can all judge their behavior. Blow some fresh sunlight up their skirts to air out corporate governance. Track their corporate masters in real time like they wish to do to us. Let the Koch Brothers finally get the freedom they deserve, put every aspect of their lives on line so we can see what they are up to, where their money gets spent, what entities they control.

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