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Comment: Re:Super-capitalism (Score 2, Insightful) 444

by gtall (#48465835) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Why Is the Power Grid So Crummy In So Many Places?

Yes, but power companies have local monopolies, so there is no super capitalism there unless you equate super capitalism with monopolies. In this person's case, it is probably that his power company is an REMC, Rural Electric Membership Cooperative, they are state chartered and receive federal subsidies. They are also run by people who cut their teeth in electric power about 50 years ago. Being a cooperative and rural, they do not have the ability to raise rates very easily. They compensate by stiffing care and upkeep. So they do not go around cutting down trees near their line except if absolutely necessary. Also being rural, they have a lot of ground to cover and a lot of trees to clear. The easy consequence is that storms frequently topple trees onto their lines. Ice storms really kill them because they have so much ground to cover and now all the lines on that ground stand to receive ice and tree damage.

Comparing the U.S. the little toy countries in Europe is silly. They are about the size of one of our states. It is much easier given their pop. density to keep their little toy grids up and running. It is also easier to run the lines underground because there is much less distance to cross. The pop. density also makes it easier to spread the cost which is much greater than running lines above ground. It is impossible for the U.S. to run its rural lines underground given the cost.

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by gtall (#48458219) Attached to: Officer Not Charged In Michael Brown Shooting

Really? Allowing Chiang Kai-shek to fight the Japanese while he kept his forces in reserve so he could conquer China after the war did exactly what for the Chinese? Gave them another 20 million dead, that's what. Stalin is a similar story. He did nothing for the Soviet Union, even his deal with Hitler blew up in his face.

Millions died solely as a result of their actions, nothing else.

Comment: Re:Americans are known to be ignorant an shallow.. (Score 1) 369

by gtall (#48448045) Attached to: Blame America For Everything You Hate About "Internet Culture"

As opposed to the Europeans who, now that Putin is acting like a Tsar, appear to have rediscovered the value of military power...not that it will make them defend themselves yet. When they realize the U.S. cannot do it for them, I expect it will change...or Putin's little toy government collapses and the Europeans will go back to sleep until....

The MidEast crazies decide they're entitled to making Europe the cesspool that is the MidEast. The regular pop. is too scared of the nutjobs to instill law and order, and when they do, it comes out like Egypt which sees an Islamist behind every grain of sand...which echos the Saudis thinking about the Iranians. And after Iran get the Bomb, the rest of those well-adjusted countries will decide they need one as well.

India is mire of corruption and presumably they will last the century without getting nuked by the Pakistanis, who are in the process of turning their country into nutjob central.

China is doing fouling their environment so that one cannot even see more than a mile in Beijing on a good day. Japan is into their 20th year of failed economics, when they aren't hiding from the few foreigners they've so graciously allowed in to work for them.

Africa still cannot produce a stable democracy except in a few small nations. The economic problems will only get worse now that China had decided to export any economic progress they were making.

Yep, compared to the rest of the world, the U.S. is ignorant and shallow and these other countries are beacons of enlightenment.

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by gtall (#48434817) Attached to: It's Not Developers Slowing Things Down, It's the Process

That's nice, you left out architecture. Who's doing the overall architecture? Has it been done before? If it is new, better spend a lot of time doing the architecture. Unless....

You have caught Agilitis. In this case, spend no time doing the architecture up front, do it on the fly. Add time to every single task you think you see for doing architecture related stuff. At the end, allocate a large blob of time to figure out the correct architecture rather than the one you built which now resembles a dirty snowball. And begin rebuilding the thing, reusing any errant parts you did in pass one. And because you are agile, be sure to appropriate time for execs who understand agile as they get to change what's necessary on the taste of their coffee that day, whether their secretary gave them a perky Good Morning, or whether their hair will turn sufficiently silver in time for that next promotion.

Comment: Clippy Lives (Score 3, Funny) 140

by gtall (#48433777) Attached to: Microsoft Rolls Out Robot Security Guards

Clippy the Guard: Hi there, I see you are attempting to break and enter, how may I be of assistance?

Burglar: (thinks "WTF") Errrmmm....have you got a key to this lock?

Clippy: No problem, I can open it automatically. However, have you tried the door over there?

Burglar: No, I want to break in through this door.

Clippy: The door over there is very nice, are you sure?

Burglar: Please open this door?

Clippy: Would you like me sound the alarm first?

Burglar: No, just open the damn door.

Clippy: The alarm is very nice.

Burglar: Will you pluuuueeessse open this door, you damn robot?

Clippy: I don't like your attitude.

Burglar: (pulls out gun, shoots self in head) BLAM....THUNK.

Clippy: Look it, I'm not opening the door if you are dead. Are you really dead? Damn humans (stomps off).

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Yes, but this is in New York State and upstate NY at that. NYS has been taxing the living hell out of corporations for decades. It started under Rockefellar, Rocky never saw a tax he could resist. The Unions did their bit, and county governments did their bits...all to screw any enterprise that was productive out of their money. Dunkirk probably couldn't do much on its own.

Comment: Re: It's still reacting carbon and oxygen... (Score 2) 142

by gtall (#48433157) Attached to: Coal Plants Get New Lease On Life With Natural Gas

Nah, he told the true. You can find an environmentalist who likes wind but not solar, or nuclear but not hydro. The enviro movement, if I can call some so diffuse that, cannot collectively agree on anything. The only thing they can agree on are environmental regulations to stop something so they can cater to the one segment who doesn't like that something. The consequence is the polyglot energy systems we do have.

I believe in environmental regulations. However, choices have to be made. The biggest threat is global warming due to CO2. So start accepting nuclear and the rest and STFU already.

Comment: Re:We have one in the US, too (Score 4, Interesting) 231

by gtall (#48409707) Attached to: The Dutch Village Where Everyone Has Dementia

What is it specifically you object to about the ACA? Covering more people? You do realize the whole idea behind any health insurance is that healthy people support the unhealthy. My main objection to it is that it let the health insurance companies and their "death panels" ("actuaries" to you) live. It has only been since the 1960's that insurance companies have gotten into health insurance in a big way. And we can mark the cost rises for health care to them.

Comment: Re:This is what the Free Market is for (Score 1) 323

by gtall (#48397919) Attached to: MARS, Inc: We Are Running Out of Chocolate

"We could, perhaps, use a bit of enlightened self interest and work on the Ebola epidemic, work on the virus that is decimating the crop, work on creating an infrastructure in those countries so they can move themselves out the shithole that everyone has managed to create over there."

The U.S. is already doing this as well as the Western nations. Even China has anted up a pittance. You know it is serious when China decides to fund something with no immediate payback.

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