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Comment Re:Anything NK does is suspicious (Score 1) 259

The Norks provide much to the little weenies running China. Being a buffer between S. Korea and China is okay for starters. But what really causes the Chinese leaders to wet their pants would be nice prosperous S. Korea on their border showing China how its done. It might give Taiwan, I don't know, ideas that they can run their own country and not bow down to their future Chinese masters.

In addition, nothing makes the Chinese leaders happier than irritating Japan. Japan only makes things worse by never apologizing for WWII, but even were that never to have happened, the Chinese leaders would still being encouraging the Norks to fly missiles over Japan.

And the Norks make America look weak and indecisive because there is nothing America can do short of feeding the S. Koreans into a war just to stop the North. And now that the Norks will be able to threaten America directly, that has the Chinese leaders dancing, and distracts America from the Chinese claim to all of the S. China Sea. Without these sorts of claims, there is no reason for the Communist Party to continue to exist. They need them to generate that threatened feeling so cherished by illegitimate rulers everywhere.

Comment Re:dont be so sure (Score 1) 346

I think the reason Paul threw his support to Trump (whatever remained of it and as if his followers really care) is that Cruz has shown repeatedly that he only cares about himself. In that sense, he's no different than Trump. However, there is a personal nastiness about him. Trump is nasty too but in a general, offend all comers sort of way. With Cruz, I get the sense that he personally enjoys sticking the dagger in someone's back and then hiding behind his "ideology" to cover his tracks.

Comment Re:Weaponized drones (Score 1) 49

You are using the typical Western idea that any conflict can be divided down the middle, Solomon's solution.

No one in the Middle East thinks that way. You can explain it to them until the end of time, but there is no listening when their religions tell them they are correct and those other bastards will rot in hell.

Comment Re:In other words (Score 3, Insightful) 77

I know this might come as a shock to you, but the U.S. Government is very large. It does multiple things at one time. One part can have a policy contradicting another part. In some cases, the contradiction is mandated by Congress. Government is not a large company where getting out of line can get you fired. There is no line, there are fiefdoms. And you wouldn't want it any other way.

Comment Re:also a case for "Design in China" (Score 3, Interesting) 329

That's part of it. However, I think the author of the article missed (unless I missed reading it) turning your company over to MBAs who do not understand engineering or manufacturing. Having no product experience, or worse, desiring none, they will make a mess of a product regardless of where it is manufactured.

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