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Comment indoctrination (Score 1) 171

I doubt this is useful except as a method of turning out corporate drones all with the same mental DNA. Where do the arts flourish in an environment dominated by business concerns. Technology is only an enabler, it isn't an end in itself and this destined to produce uni-dimensional beings who cannot and will not think for themselves.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 3, Insightful) 301

Yeah, the government never should have sunk all that money into ARPANET, it would have just happened by Immaculate Conception when the economics made sense. Come to think of it, all that money the government sunk into quantum mechanics made no sense until there was use for it, then it would have miraculously evolved from its primordial ooze by bootstrapping itself into usefulness.

Wow, economics is truly miraculous, able to conjure...well...just about anything out of nothing.

Comment Re:yeah go ahead, contact me -- I dare you. (Score 1) 268

Yep, it is the Monkey Butt Syndrome. In a tree full of monkeys, the monkey at the top sees only smiling faces looking up at him. To the monkeys down where the dog pisses, all the monkeys see are assholes. I'm guessing the truth is not in the middle, but closer to the dog pee.

Comment Re: He's got company (Score 2, Interesting) 442

Bush didn't cause the recession via the war. It came about because of years, including his, of allowing Wall Street and the housing bubble to suck the life out of the U.S. economy. Also, the American people bear some of the blame, they took out second and third mortgages, were too busy to read what they were promising in loan payments, more or less lived beyond their means because, what the hell, everyone they knew was doing the same thing. The American people are fucking saints...dumb saints, but saints.

Comment Re: He's got company (Score 1) 442

Trump getting shit done, eh? Like them 4 bankruptcies? Let's ask the people those fucked over how they feel about Trump and shit. And Sanders will be fine until you get the tax bill to pay for the blue haired and every other group he feels the rich (the rich being people like you) ought to pay for.

Comment Re:fix it first (Score 1) 55

That and this: security is notorious for being unmeasurable. How much security do I get if I spend $x? The biggest problem is the black swan problem. I stop 99.9999% of all attempts to break in, but the one I do let in completely exfiltrate all my data. Worse, little data here, a little data there, and sooner or later I have real information about your operation. It is hard to add data together to figure out what information the interloper got. If I exfiltrate a single bit, I have...errr...a bit. However, if I know that 0 means Donald Trump's hair is a weasel with eyes, and 1 means his hair is a creature from the planet Pluton, and I exfiltrate the bit, then I know much more.

So can the pie charts, and blinky lights, only PHBs will think them important.

Comment Re:Expect the Republicans to stop this... (Score 1) 319

Yeah, you go girl!! Tell the Federal Government to take the interstate highway system back. The States will rebuild it on their own. NiH? Shoot, which self-respecting state cannot do their own medical research. Mississippi will be at the head of the line, Alaska right behind. NHTSA? States are well positioned to investigate air crashes in their states, I hear NHTSA even goes to foreign countries to learn about how crashes occurred's a gowd-awful waste of taxpayers money for them to make air travel safer in the U.S. by looking at foreign countries' accidents. NSF? Nope, don't need no stinking federal research dollars for research.

Social Security? I think we'd all feel a lot better about our lives if Grandma could move in with us for the next 20 years of her life. Medicare? For Pete's Sake, money for health care for the blue haired? No one needs that!! It costs too much money, let'em rot. There is no need for anti-trust rules and investigations, we'd all be happier if there were only one software company, Satya knows all.

Why, the list is endless of things the federal government should NOT be allowed to do. It is preventing us from establishing the dog-eat-dog society of Ayn Rand and her dyspeptic intellectual progeny, Rand Paul.

If all else fails, immortality can always be assured by spectacular error. -- John Kenneth Galbraith