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Comment: Re:What else is new... (Score 1) 19

So what else is new? Most "Global Business Leaders" don't know much about anything else,

So, you call it an ivory tower when it's intellectual, what do you call it when it's just a tower made of stacked-up money? The reason why "global business leaders" don't know about technology is that they are completely divorced from the daily life that normal humans live. They don't have to know shit, so they don't know shit. Then they want to tell us all about how to be successful. We're always having to endure quotes from Bill Gates or Warren Buffet, who both were born with silver spoons in their mouths, about how we can supposedly be successful — but they actually have no idea how to become successful, because they were born into positions of privilege. We should not give one tenth of one very small shit about what they think about becoming successful, because they never did.

Comment: This is exactly what belongs in cars (Score 1) 25

The ONLY thing that should be built-in is a speaker system, tuned to the acoustics of the car, with an amplifier and aux jack

What you don't seem to realize is that this is the equivalent of that for connecting your smartphone to your car. If only you knew anything about the subject at hand, like about cars or automotive infotainment, you would know that these are technologies for interfacing to your phone while in your car — and that these are both major standards. That means that virtually all smartphone owners will be able to use the interface in the car, designed for automotive use, instead of the interface on their phone which isn't.

Comment: Re:There is no need for the Patriot Act (Score 1) 320

by drinkypoo (#49787259) Attached to: Obama Asks Congress To Renew 'Patriot Act' Snooping

The Patriot act should go away and the US powers that be should focus its efforts on neutralizing the Sunni-Wahabi threat by whatever means necessary.


Unfortunately we are taking the wrong side here in helping the Saudi's eradicate a Shia Minority in Yemen.

What we did in Iraq was separate peacefully coexisting communities of the people you're talking about. We deliberately set social progress back a hundred years there. What you think we need to do is literally the opposite of our government's intent.

Comment: Re:What happens when you have insular advisors (Score 1) 320

by drinkypoo (#49787237) Attached to: Obama Asks Congress To Renew 'Patriot Act' Snooping

Note to Obama: You are being lied to.

Obama has been consistent, at least since taking office. Before taking office, he spoke out against mass data collection. But ever since taking office, he has consistently stated that we require this data collection to be safe. We have met the enemy, and he is us. And that very much includes Obama.

Comment: Re:Caught Up (Score 1) 72

by drinkypoo (#49787139) Attached to: Microsoft Edge To Support Dolby Audio

Everything about the web is like that. We are in the process of doing "on the web" everything we have already been doing locally for decades,

And we're doing it in a way that brings us right back to the era of mainframes. Although far more advanced, the model is highly similar to that of the IBM mainframe systems whose semi-smart terminals understood form fields and submission.

Comment: Re:How do the "poorest residents" own homes (Score 1) 116

So, how do the "poorest residents" own a home?

By spending half or more of their income on their mortgage, and by having a co-signer and a down payment. It's not rocket surgery, it's just dealing with the evil, evil banks. The banks are sitting on something like three houses for every homeless man, woman, and child in America, refusing to drop their prices to market level.

Comment: Re:$70000 is poorest? (Score 1, Redundant) 116

Yes, I have always loved the concept of my paying more taxes so other people could have for free the things I can't afford for myself.

Share your wealth or they will share their poverty.

The more money people have, the less they tend to do for the poor. If it worked the other way around, you wouldn't be whinging now.

It's a shame the middle class won't band together and come after the rich, but those poor idiot fucks won't realize that they have a better chance to win the lottery than to actually work their way into the upper echelons of society. They still think they're going to be the ones looking down their noses at someone else someday.

Comment: Re:A few things here... (Score 1) 116

First off, $70k isn't poor. Not even in California.

That depends on where it is and if it's a family or just a person. Just a person in the boonies making $70k is doing great. A family literally anywhere (even someplace totally shit) in the Bay Area living on $70k? They're scraping by, because over half of that is likely to go to rent or mortgage, when conventional wisdom says not to spend more than a quarter.

Comment: Re:Already has (Score 1) 149

by drinkypoo (#49782261) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Will Technology Disrupt the Song?

What about in a live setting if the singer is tired or sick and needs help delivering a 'usual' performance as opposed to trying to record a performance that just isn't there? Isn't that what they were made for initially?

Yes. That's the idea. Still true, though. Vocal range can change from day to day.

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