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Comment Re:Why do some people want to prevent photography (Score 1) 280

This won't happen because unenforceable and ridiculous laws naturally fall into disrepute, and either become ignored or removed. As long as photograph and video technology continues on its path of being common place, recording-by-default, undetectable and unintrusive, these laws have no chance.

You can't stop someone photography/videoing/recording when you can't tell if they're doing it, and everyone is doing it all the time anyway.

Comment Re:... using the name and e-mail address of other (Score 1) 319

Me too. Worst yet, they're usually websites that are so shit that they ignore their own "unsubscribe" processes.

I had this problem just last week. This bunch of clowns ignored my request to unsubscribe. So I went in, reset the password, and logged in. No option to delete account or opt out, so I changed my email address to the website's own enquiries inbox. Made no difference, still got a daily spam. So clearly their email spam-me list is separate from their account list and don't sync. Sigh. Just another address to add to my spam filter for the next 50 years.

Too many morons designing email subscription services.

Comment Re:"We have a profound opportunity to distort." (Score 1) 73

Well it's a good question. How can they possibly account for this and get meaningful figures? What if the google car just happens to be driving behind a particularly smoky truck on an otherwise pristine clear-aired road ? How will they know to adjust their figures accordingly?

It such an obvious flaw in the plan that you'd think they'd mention how they'll handle it.

Comment Re:God damn it... (Score 1) 117

Lol, this is a snafu, isn't it? We do have nimbies like yourself to put a stop to this kind of thing, but perhaps a quango should be set up to enforce it? People who insist in turning acronyms into words should be tasered and their zip code published online, so we can be sure they're on everyone's radar.

I shall get a faq written up on this dangerous problem.

Comment Re:BBC - hammered by its own Political Correctness (Score 1) 207

The difference is that the BBC, as a publicly funded enterprise, should uphold the highest of values and everyone has some kind of say in how it is run.

You can be a total dick on Amazon Prime if you like. People who don't like you simply will not pay for you and won't watch you. There will be very little outcry and no-one will be demanding your job, your boss' job, and the downfall of your company.

Bottom line; people care about the BBC (for better or worse), no one cares about Amazon Prime.

Comment Who knows best? (Score 0) 133

So the developers think they know better than the management what the company should be doing? OK. Four points.

1/ Welcome to the working life. Whatever the industry, the staff always think they know better than the clueless bosses.

2/ If the developers really know better than the management, then the company is doomed whatever they do.

3/ If the developers are wrong, then ignoring management and doing their own thing is a sure way to either get fired, or sink the company in a pit of missed deadlines, squandered budgets and undeliverable product no-one wants.

4/ Who do you suppose might have the greater amount of experience in the company's market?

Comment Re:Here's a thought... (Score 1) 318

When you're a kid/teen you don't know what may be an embarrassing photo or video. That's what being a kid/teen is about. The video you put online, discussing international politics with your impeccable 12 year-old wisdom, may have been the proudest day of your life. ... 10 years later and it's a cringe-fest that makes you appear to be an idiot who's a little bit racist.

You get older, you learn something of life, you realise that aged 12 you knew nothing, and you'd rather no-one was watching that video. It does not represent who you are now. What's wrong with wanting it gone?

Comment Re:The green green hills of hooooome (Score 4, Insightful) 272

Absolutely. Nothing better than sightseeing through a swarm of drones, relaxing in the peaceful atmosphere of buzzing electric motors, marvelling in the sight of your fellow tourists getting smashed in the head.

That's just what people go to NZ for, isn't it? It would be terrible if selfish dickheads were prevented from ruining it for everyone else.

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