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+ - Windows 10 shares your Wi-fi password with friends, and with their friends

gsslay writes: The Register reports that Windows 10 will include, defaulted on, "Wi-Fi Sense", a facility to share wifi passwords with friends. ( (nee Hotmail) contacts, Skype contacts and, with an opt-in, Facebook friends.)

This involves Microsoft storing the wifi passwords entered into your laptop (any password, not necessarily just your own). This can then be used by any other person suitably connected to you. If you don't want someone's Windows 10 passing on your password, Microsoft has two solutions; only share passwords using their Wi-Fi Sense service (which can't be passed on), or by adding "_optout" to your SSID. (Similar to Google's "_nomap" that went down so well.)

Comment: Re:What a confusing summary! (Score 1) 128 128

It would appear that the submitter thinks all that is required to construct an article summary is to string tweets together in a single paragraph.

It's all just words and numbers, isn't it? No suitable effort or consideration for the communication medium required. Consider yourself lucky it isn't written in emojis.

Comment: Re:Weird (Score 1) 146 146

Maybe they had second thoughts and regret talking to the BBC.

Maybe they decided it wasn't such a great idea that their children go through their early years labelled as the gay fertility child by anyone who googled Mum's name.

Maybe they decided that their medical history is like anyone else's; personal and private.

Comment: Re: Horray for Taylor Swift. (Score 2) 368 368

You miss the point.

If an artist who wasn't already very successful (and therefore very rich) made this stand the world's media, and Apple, would go "So what, who cares?" and we wouldn't be discussing it here.

In order for this to get attention it needs someone like Swift to make the stand. Whatever you may speculate her motivation is. Someone who has a genuine need and complaint about the money would get ignored.

Comment: Re:that's funny... (Score 2) 368 368

If she wants to protect the little people in the music industry, she should offer to allow Apple to use her music royalty-free for six months if they pay new artists during the three month free period.

A pathetically naive solution. Who gets to pick who is "little" and "new"? What if you're a just a bit bigger than "little" and just a bit older than "new"? Tough luck, you get to help multi-millionaire company Apple build a new business for themselves, at no recompense.

There is always a problem when people try to draw an artificial line, where the rules totally change, in the middle of a market. Because there is always someone who falls on just the wrong side of the line that gets hammered, while someone else, practically identical, on the other side of the line reaps the benefits.

Without sharing the risk of the free trial.

Why should she feel obliged to share any risk with Apple? It's not her business venture. She's doing just fine without it.

Comment: Re: that's funny... (Score 2) 368 368

I'm going to give your work away for nothing. You'll get nothing, but it's ok because I'm getting nothing too. I'm fine with this because I'm already insanely rich. Your financial position does not concern me.

What you complaining about? This is a valid model.

Comment: Re:Wiki-Enquirer? (Score 4, Insightful) 100 100

1) Airing Sony's misdeeds, with the possibility of bringing them to justice.

What misdeeds are being brought to air here?

2) Encouraging other companies to not be evil. If everyone knows that their illegal activities might come to light, it'll act as a deterrent.

So this is like taking a random child out of the class and beating them in front of the others, just so they know what'll happen to them if they're naughty.

Hold off a bit before passing judgement. If a more journalistic outlet finds something newsworthy, it might paint the data dump as worthwhile.

No, actually it's like arresting someone because maybe they've done something, then looking for the evidence afterwards. If none found, meh, tough luck.

Comment: Who? (Score 1) 72 72

Isn't part of the deal with waxworks is you're supposed to be know what the people look like? So you recognise their uncanny likeness in wax?

Steve Wozniak is the only one of those suggested I'd have any hope of recognising. Heads of IT companies are not really people I need to see or remember. I'd consider myself doing well if I recognise the name. It's their product that matters, not their faces.

Comment: Re:Problem is other people (Score 4, Informative) 110 110

Upload to Facebook a whole heap of random pictures of people (actors, the famous etc) or all kinds and tag the lot as yourself. Make yourself appear to be a mashup of every possible gender/race/age and physical appearance. So any photos of yourself that do get tagged are drowned in a pool of misinformation.

Comment: Re:Reddit, like Digg, is eating itself... (Score 1) 474 474

I get very frustrated watching completely factual information get downvoted or subreddits banned because it doesn't fit users' or moderators' view of the world.

Reddit is like this because people are like this. Every site is the same, it just manifests itself if different ways according to the mechanisms used there.

If you want to change how this happens on social media; first change people.

(Hint: people won't change.)

A memorandum is written not to inform the reader, but to protect the writer. -- Dean Acheson