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Comment I moved away and haven't looked back... (Score 1) 783

I started professionally in the IT industry back in April of 2000. I started out by picking up contracts and short-term work. I was eventually able to land a few full-time positions, and various office politics saw me jumping from company to company for a period of about three years. In December of 2003, I landed a full-time position with a pretty decent company. I penned my own job description, built the IT infrastructure basically from the ground up, and ran a very successful IT department. Then, the parent company started taking over our company, and my position was eliminated due to "re-organization within the department." Rather than look for another IT job where I would eventually become miserable and have to spend thousands of dollars on new certs and learning new technologies, I decided to go to college full time. Seeing as how I dropped out of high school, got my GED, and immediately started working back in 1997, not having a college degree was a hindrance for making better than minimum wage in any other industry. I'm now a full-time student at a 4-year state university, and after I graduate in 2012, I intend to attend law school. I will become a criminal prosecutor, and have no desires of going back to IT. However, and with all of that said, since starting college last year, I have worked in an IT capacity for the university and former clients. It's what I know, what I'm good at, and what pays the bills. After all, school ain't cheap, and neither is rent.

Submission + - Is Virtual World Job Searching a Viable Method? (

gsperling writes: "A doctoral candidate at the Southern Illinois University in Carbondale is in the process of compiling research for her dissertation. Nicole Cundiff (M.A./M.B.A.) is looking for participants of the Second Life virtual world to complete a survey about users' experiences with job searching through the use of Second Life. Have you ever gotten hired for a job through the use of Second Life? Did you use Second Life to solicit job candidates?"

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