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Slayer goes to Church (?!) lulz

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  • The ecstatic element is far more African, than Baptist. :-)

    They brought this to Pentacostalism, too.

  • Fantastic!

    Although Slayer wishes they had the feverish intensity of what goes on in some of the pentecostal or charismatic churches.

    I'd like to see the music from these churches played to a video of the audience at a Slayer concert or mosh pit.

    • by grub (11606)
      I have floor tickets to see them this again this July.

      45 isn't too old to rock! :)
      • by PopeRatzo (965947) *

        45 isn't too old to rock! :)

        Of course not.

        Here in Chicago, there's a rich tradition of blues musicians playing into their eighties and still rocking the house. Back in the late '70s, I took piano lessons from Blind John Davis, who was already in his 90s, and played with red-hot intensity.

        No reason that same attitude shouldn't apply to rock. One exception might be the hair bands, who put more emphasis on their looks than on their music. They don't hold up so well. A lot of them are starting to look like

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