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Comment: Stock spam works! (Score 0, Redundant) 159

by groovy.ambuj (#15980810) Attached to: Buy Low, Spam High
Anyone (well alsmost anyone) who trades stocks is aware of these fraud tout mails and understands the liability. However problem is, you send a html link to 100 people and at least one of them will click on it because
    - he was bored and had to something/anything
    - his mouse happned to be near the link and he just cliked
    - out of sheer curiosity

And, if 100 people visit a site, at least one of them will fall prey to it at least once in 100 years :-) becasue his subconcious mind records the name of the stock.

Now, if you send 100M mails, the final number may be more than 1!

Bottomline: we need strict rules and better teck to handle spammers.

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