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Comment More info on the ImagNet Competition (Score 2) 115

Has the 2014 competition, including test images and validation images.

Browsing the images, and the 200 or so categories, "artichoke", "strainer", "bowl", "person", "wine bottle"... the challenge is a bit strange: A drawing of a person isn't a "person" category, but a bottle of boyle's cream soda is a "wine bottle".

And why is "artichoke" something we need to identify in photographs?

Comment add results to a blacklist (Score 1) 276

Ability to right-click (or whatever) on a listed result and mark it as "I never want to see this site in any search I run on any topic ever" (useless result) or right-click on a listed result and mark it as "The content of this result isn't relevant to my search, block this page and all others like it from this search so I can find what I'm looking for" (irrelevant result/bad context) and re-run the search.

Comment Re:Two possible solutions... (Score 1) 346

Not legal advice, but why not get your roomie to sign a piece of paper, an agreement between you and him that you have no knowledge of his Internet activities and he is soley responsible for them, and he is paying you because you are the account holder for billing purposes but in all other ways it is his responsibility for his access? Just imagine if he was looking a kiddie porn... Having that agreement in place ahead of time would really be a Good Thing.

Comment Re:Remember carbon nanotubes? (Score 2) 345

All of the structures are related. Graphene is the one atom thick sheet stuff. Nanotubes are the sheets rolled into... tubes. Buckyballs are the sheets in a ball. Each has its its purpose: Graphene is a great conductor and really strong in two dimensions, Nanotubes are also great transmitters of heat and electricity in one dimension, and buckyballs can in theory be used for medicines, abrasives, or little tiny bearings.

all of this is relatively new, but having a way to make graphene inexpensively and reliably in any lab (the whole scotch tape pencil method) allows researches all over the world to make some and study it. As for being a "fad", as TFA states, the scientists aren't promising the next big thing, but are tempering excitement with caution.

Comment Re:Wait, graphene is a semi conductor? (Score 3, Informative) 345

Graphene ribbons respond very well to changes in voltage making them very nifty (possibly) for transistors. Great flow when you want it in a controllable way. The main issue being that they don't have a very good "off" state. So you get a nice curve of voltage v. current flowing across them, except for the middle part around 0V. That's what everyone is working on.

Comment Re:And watch... (Score 2) 1855

Um... you don't think he was hiding out by himself with, ya know, no documents, records, phones, or other intel that we might have snagged? That and the messages "you can't hide anywhere" and "we will come and get you, alone, and without the help of the country you are in" are pretty powerful.

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