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Comment Re: Resume the lunar program (Score 1) 172

If it's Trump then I predict a change to a program to send people to Venus. It's a lot closer, is similarly sized to earth, and has a real atmosphere.

Please tell me you're joking, right? Sorry if I missed the sarcasm. I don't consider 500 degree sulfuric acid at 90 atmospheres to be much of an advantage. Anyway everyone knows Trump would be more interested in building a casino on the moon.

Comment Re:Sputnik? (Score 5, Insightful) 172

Sputnik was never intended as a "slap in the face to anyone". Self centered people tend to think that others do things especially for their own benefit. Sputnik was a mere step forward in technology. It would have been difficult to create an orbital satellite that did NOT fly over the United States at some point or other. That America decided to take it as a personal insult from "those commie bastards" is another thing entirely.

Comment Only one problem (Score 0) 90

The repository includes information on everything we could possibly need to know, such as how to convert sugar into energy, how to evade a predator on the savannah, and, most critically for evolution, how to reproduce or self-replicate."

It's not true. I'm sure there's plenty of "knowledge" still to come. And I'm also sure there's plenty of information that we used to "know" that we don't anymore. Otherwise he would be arguing that we are the end point of evolution and that nothing has ever gone extinct before.

Comment Re:Fact check or PC checking? (Score 1) 337

worker [wur-ker]


1. a person or thing that works.

2. a laborer or employee: steel workers.

3. a person engaged in a particular field, activity, or cause: a worker in psychological research; a worker for the Republican Party.

4. Entomology.

a member of a caste of sexually underdeveloped, nonreproductive bees, specialized to collect food and maintain the hive.

a similar member of a specialized caste of ants, termites, or wasps.

5. Printing. one of a set of electrotyped plates used to print from (contrasted with molder2.).

6.any of several rollers covered with card clothing that work in combination with the stripper rollers and the cylinder in the carding of fibers. From here.

Comment Re:Fact check or PC checking? (Score 2, Interesting) 337

A worker is a person who does work. What do you think slaves did in the fields - play charades? Sing? No, they did work. Hard work. You're the one inventing that workers have to be paid. If you work for a week and your boss is an asshole and doesn't pay you, does that mean you're a slave? No. Is an intern who does work for free considered a slave? No.

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