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Comment: Kazaa (Score 2) 174

by gringer (#47803333) Attached to: Tox, a Skype Replacement Built On 'Privacy First'

Hmm, interesting. It might be worth pointing out that Skype was originally based on a decentralized service pushed through the Kazaa network:

Like its file sharing predecessor KaZaa, Skype is an overlay peer-to-peer network. There are two types of nodes in this overlay network, ordinary hosts and super nodes (SN). An ordinary host is a Skype application that can be used to place voice calls and send text messages. A super node is an ordinary host’s end-point on the Skype network

Of course, the problem with the Skype system (as it was when that paper was written) is that the decentralised nature of the network means that your video call could be routed through any number of Skype network nodes (i.e. computers) before it arrives at its destination. I think now Microsoft has replaced most of the supernodes with microsoft servers, so replace "any number of Skype network nodes" with "any number of Microsoft servers".

Presumably Tox is doing something similar to going back to the roots of Skype, with maybe a bit more encryption thrown in.

Comment: Intel x86 CISC is converted to RISC via Microcode (Score 1) 161

by VTBlue (#47774773) Attached to: Research Shows RISC vs. CISC Doesn't Matter

As mentioned over many years of slashdot posts, x86 as a hardware instruction no longer truly exists and represents a fraction of the overall die space. The real bread and butter of CPU architecture and trade secrets rests in the microcode that is unique in every generation or edition of a processor. Today all intel processors are practically RISC.

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