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Comment The suit is targeting android phones. (Score 2, Interesting) 434

The OP should have RTFA lol It's in the update with the complaint.

certain mobile communication devices including cellular phones and smart phones, including at least phones incorporating the
Android Operating System (collectively, “the Accused Products”)

Comment Big deal? (Score 2, Insightful) 148

Windows mobile devices have the largest share of the market, why release it for a few specific nokia models if they want the largest number of users giving them feedback?

The desktop release don't count, desktop users will install it run it twice, think "ohh that's cute" and never run it again.

How about those of us stuck with pocketIE and opera's offerings both of which fail miserable on something as simple as a redirect.

The Courts

Submission Internet-Records Section of Patriot Act Overturned->

pkcuff writes: ""Judges Overturns Internet-Records Section of Patriot Act",2933,295957,00.html

I can't believe you guys haven't got this one yet. This is a big victory for freedom of speech on the Internet! I would write it up all nice & purty for you, but I never took journalism."

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United States

Submission MA Treasurer Arrested for 3 Peaches at Airport 2

boot1780 writes: The treasurer for the state of Massachusetts announced that he and his family arrested by US Customs officials and "treated like criminals" on their way back from Italy due to three peaches in his daughter's carry-on bag. "It felt like we were being interrogated and found guilty without any process, no explanation, no rundown of our rights," he said. He was told he had to pay a $300 fine or spend a night and jail, but wasn't told that paying the fine waived any right he had to an appeal. Well, they nabbed the girl with the three peaches. Any word on Osama yet?

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