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Comment: What happened to Freemium? (Score 1) 181

by grimJester (#46713333) Attached to: Do Free-To-Play Games Get a Fair Shake?

"Free-to-play" does not literally mean "free to play." It means a game that is specifically designed around microtransactions.

"Freemium" used to be used for games where it's free to play but you could buy premium content for cash. Why call the new ones "free-to-play" if you have to add a footnote saying they're not free to play?

Comment: No (Score 2) 148

by grimJester (#45922309) Attached to: Physicists Claim First Observation of a Quantum Cheshire Cat
It's a lot simpler. They had one neutron in two places and measured different properties of it in the different places.

The new thing is that it's a bit more "real" that it's the same particle in two places than has been done before. I'd guess it's theoretically impossible to measure the same thing in two places, but I really don't know that much about quantum mechanics.

Comment: Also the only thing that keeps mining profitable (Score 1) 351

by grimJester (#45918313) Attached to: Largest Bitcoin Mining Pool Pledges Not To Execute '51% Attack'
If ASICs were available to anyone, the price of bitcoins would be capped by the price of electricity (+ some investment costs for the hardware). Of course, it would be capped by the lowest price of electricity anywhere, so mining would become unprofitable for most current miners. It would be interesting to see what happens then.

How long until someone starts using bitcoin mining instead of storage for temporary overproduction of solar power?

Comment: I don't use fullscreen @ 30" (Score 1) 520

by grimJester (#45917661) Attached to: 4K Is For Programmers
I've had a 30" 2560x1600 monitor for maybe five years now and don't even use fullscreen for Eclipse. I don't tile windows which sounds like what you want; I just have a bunch open, some side by side, others behind the ones in front but usually with some part visible I can click on to bring them to the front.

I've used two screens before and think that's pretty good for some uses as well. I just don't see a need for extra screens if the main one is large enough. I suspect "large enough" means no commonly used application needs the whole screen. For me 24" is still below that limit.

Comment: Re:Insane (Score 2) 294

by grimJester (#45816765) Attached to: Parents' Campaign Leads To Wi-Fi Ban In New Zealand School

The articles about this keep saying that "recent international research has shown there may be a link" without providing the source of that data! I can't find it anywhere, all the studies I can find show no evidence of a link. What the hell are these assholes talking about?! Why don't these journalists think this is an important piece of information to include with their articles?

I don't care if a bunch of nuts half a world away banned wifi for their elementary students. I but do care if they had a good reason to do it!

Someone has falsely claimed that "recent international research has shown there may be a link", the press keep quoting it, and are of course unable to give a source since there is none.

Comment: Re:Why make it that complicated? (Score 3, Insightful) 191

by grimJester (#45464129) Attached to: Why Not Fund SETI With a Lottery Bond?

I've bought precisely ONE lottery ticket my whole life (knowing statistically that my likelihood of winning is the maximum at that point*).

How do you figure? Each ticket has the same chance of winning, the more you buy the more likely you are to win. But the odds are such that the expected return over the long run is less than what you would pay in.

I find it pretty funny that people who never gamble are completely clueless when it comes to statistics and probabilities, while those who waste loads of money gambling know exactly what they're doing.

Numeric stability is probably not all that important when you're guessing.