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Comment A little math (Score 1) 52

Maybe, just maybe this could have worked before the era of ISP data caps, but now there is no way.

For the sake of argument, lets assume you're using the minimum requirement of 12Mb/s. Lets also assume you're on the high end of the average american household ISP data cap at around 300GB/month. This means you're getting 0.9132Mb/s of sustained usage rate all month long to fit beneath your data cap.

If you take that 300GB cap and divide it out at a rate of 12Mb/s, that means you can use their service for 2 days 7 hours 33 minutes and 20 seconds of solid gameplay. This also assumes you have zero other internet traffic the entire month and the measurements being used are 100% accurate.

If you take the lower average cap at 150 GB per month, and 1080p service plan that changes reduces your usage amount down to 6 hours and 40 minutes. I would hope that their service will default to the lowest setting possible (unlike most video streaming services), or many people will suddenly find themselves over their caps with a hefty bill.

Comment Of course... (Score 1) 102

So you're saying that being a consultant is up. Maybe that has to do with corporations restructuring to not have full-time employees, and outsource as much as possible to avoid benefit payments. Also you're saying manufacturing is down. Have you considered maybe this has do with the US patent/copyright system and that startups have to invest huge sums of money to verify the ting you want to build is vaguely related to something being held in a warchest somewhere or by a troll. Absolutely improvements in automation reduce the time to produce the same product, but somewhere somebody has to generate new product demand that doesn't own their own fabrication plants on the other side of the world.

Comment Free, easy tools exist for basic design (Score 1) 45

I taught myself the basics of 3d printing without prior experience. At first I beat my head against the big name CAD tools from companies like Autodesk and Adobe, as well as opensource ones like freeCAD. I didn't need to do fancy high-detail modeling (which is hit-or-miss anyway due to printer fidelity and general hiccups in hardware). Eventually I found a free tool online at Shortly after I started using it, it was bought out by Autodesk however they've still kept it free. It doesn't have the super advanced power of other tools, but without that power I found myself not getting lost nearly as much.

Comment Missing the point (Score 4, Insightful) 294

Today's media consumer wants what it wants, when it wants it, right then. This is opposite traditional cable company methodologies. It's why customer's are cutting the cord. To that end, the first service to offer the best selection will win (pricing models aside). If it takes multiple overlapping subscriptions to get the selection, customers will be forced to pick and choose or to go back to pirating. The stuff frequently pirated are the things that customers can't afford (multiple services), can't find (selection problems), or are going to have going 24/7 (kids shows and bandwidth caps). I don't blame netflix entirely though. It's a business decision to keep from raising rates. The real problem lies with the distribution points arguing unreasonable amounts of money for potentially exclusive contracts with providers like Netflix/Hulu/AmazonPrime/CrunchyRoll/etc.

Comment That worked out so well for Mexico (Score 1) 361

I don't know how governments think they can just legislate a potential problem away when it comes to nature. The world does not have isolated bubbles when it comes to crops. Sure, you can ban the seed but that doesn't stop the change. Look at Mexico, GMO corn has been banned there for years yet they are still infected from the US. You can't control pollination.

Comment Trading one for the other (Score 4, Insightful) 186

It's interesting how they see integrating legacy systems any differently integrating just as many differently implemented commercial record systems. The data integrators will make the same money either way. By abandoning the open-source solution, you're just losing the possibility others might benefit from the work. Likewise, I'm curious how much those 3 vendors have lobbied in Washington DC.

Comment Prototype Raspberry Pi Case (Score 1) 266

I've used ours as part of an internal innovation challenge to prototype a specialty purpose raspberry pi case we could securely mount inside a classroom that could house a touchscreen and a magstripe card swipe, but was tough enough it could be smacked with a backpack without significant damage and expose only the barest of essential external ports of the raspberry pi.

Comment Interesting implications for subterranean homes (Score 1) 94

One of the challenges faced by building subterranean homes is the threat of water damage over time as the home settles. Typical solutions include lining the outside of the shell, french drains, and/or reinforced plasticized concrete. Even when thinking more inside the box with traditional building, there are significant benefits to things like healing cracked slabs or preventing basement water damage.

Comment It's a simple question of trust (Score 1) 438

Net Neutrality boils down to a basic concept. Who do you trust to maintain order and prevent abuse? An industry that has demonstrated an inability to do that with itself, or a government revolving door that has demonstrated the same thing? I lean toward letting the government get their paws on it from a regulatory standpoint just because in theory it's more accountable to the people and we already know the path we're on won't end well for consumers. It's only the lesser of two evils, and admitting that once regulatory bodies get their hands into an industry rarely do they ever let that power go in the future.

Comment Ignore other auth holes (Score 1) 76

Ignore the fact that a Google Apps domain can use their own SAML SSO solution to effectively replace the Google signin page. This means that their new anti-phishing plugin would be rendered useless. Additionaly if this is used on a domain, it also bypasses their two-factor authentication mechanism (even if you set it up).

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