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Comment: And they will read them when? (Score 1) 81

At what point does the number of comments become so large that the FCC can't possibly read them all? It's not going to be one person going through everything, so what is the likelihood that an intermediate person is going to get applying metadata or ranking the responses 100% correctly and without external influences?

Comment: Consider diversifying networking gear (Score 1) 427

by grilled-cheese (#47633481) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Life Beyond the WRT54G Series?
One thing I've started doing is trying to diversify my networking gear. Instead of trying to lump a single piece of hardware for modem+router+wifi, or just router+wifi, completely shutting off the wireless parts of my WRT54gl then just buying a good wireless AP. This allows me to keep OpenWRT running on the WRT54gl just fine since I can't push more than 100Mb traffic through my ISP and keep all the nice routing, DNS, etc features working. It also means that when hunting for a wireless AP, I don't necessarily have to include open firmware compatibility as a requirement. It's also nice because if one piece bites the dust, I don't have to sink large amounts of cash into replacing the whole thing or if I need more hardline ports I can just change out the switch/bolt-on another one.

Comment: Game Series Timing Failure (Score 1) 203

by grilled-cheese (#47583729) Attached to: Nintendo Posts Yet Another Loss, Despite Mario Kart 8
Nintendo has about a half dozen or less strong game series supporting the platform (Mario Kart, Super Smash Bro., Mario Party, Zelda, or Metroid for example). They royally hosed themselves when they released a next gen console without the backing of these series. Nobody wanted the console because they couldn't play the series games they loved. Instead, those people went out and bought a new media center or phone/tablet which doubled as a gaming platform. If they wanted to sell the WiiU, all they had to do was time their major game series release dates to within 6-12 months of the console release. This would have kept a strong console buzz going in the market long enough for Nintendo to get their console into people's home. Creating artificial product scarcity didn't help either.

Comment: Re:It Depends (Score 1) 348

I've set up networks where the server infrastructure itself is on its own segment, so there's no need for firewalls between the servers themselves, but the whole subnet is firewalled by a border router.

This is the same approach taken with many industrial control systems (i.e. SCADA) that weren't designed to be used in an internet connected world.

Comment: Re:Bad Scaling Problem Though (Score 1) 29

by grilled-cheese (#47108873) Attached to: Test-Driving NVIDIA's GRID GPU Cloud Computing Platform

What version of Vmware View? Doesn't the vSGA scaling depend on which 'profile' you use?

See here:

That link is referencing a citrix only idea, but their general distinctions between user types is apt. As of View 5.3, there is no longer a lockin to NVIDIA products yet nobody has made any yet to my knowledge. Intel & AMD are on the list to produce something sometime.

Comment: Bad Scaling Problem Though (Score 4, Insightful) 29

by grilled-cheese (#47102359) Attached to: Test-Driving NVIDIA's GRID GPU Cloud Computing Platform
We very recently went through adding Grid cards to our VMware View infrastructure. The Grid K1 & K2 cards are a tradeoff on either more kepler processors or more cuda cores in addition to the quantity of RAM. VMware View can utilize a Grid card in either vSGA or vDGA modes (shared or direct passthrough of a kepler processor). From what I can discern, Dell only officially supports the Grid cards in their R720 server. That particular chassis can only accept 2 Grid cards max. So you can get your choice of 2, 4, 6, or 8 kepler processors. If you're using vDGA mode, you're creating a direct VDI desktop allocation of that core with DirectPath I/O. While this means that one desktop is going to have great performance, it means it isn't available for anyone else and you lose vMotion capability. If you run in vSGA mode, the performance per machine isn't as good as vDGA but more desktops can utilize the hardware. There arn't any good whitepapers I've found yet describing how far you can stretch a Grid K1, but the rule of thumb I got from another company who has ran them through their benchmark lab got around 25 desktops per K1 max. Therefore, assuming you've got a pair of them that means you can run ~50 desktops with a reduced performance when compared to vDGA. The technology still appears to be young to me, but we decided to take a chance and see how far we could take it.

Comment: It worked before (Score 1) 475

by grilled-cheese (#47008061) Attached to: Comcast Predicts Usage Cap Within 5 Years
Yeah, because that worked out so well for consumers in the mobile phone space...

Also, this isn't new. Suddenlink has been doing this for over a year for everyone in our region. A friend of mine constantly streams netflix because he has young kids and a stay at home wife. He uses 100% of his cap almost every month at the highest rate plans available. Without switching to a business contract for 10x the cost, he can't get a bigger cap.

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