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Submission + - SoundExchange Shuts Down SWCast Internet Radio (broadcastlawblog.com)

grilled-cheese writes: On April 18th, SoundExchange filed a DMCA shutdown notice with the ISP for SWCast.net for failing to pay music royalties on behalf of small internet radio stations after 2005. While these internet radio stations had been paying SWCast for years under the promise of full recording industry compliance, they are now being forced to shutdown or seek alternatives for paying internet broadcast royalty fees.

Submission + - How do remote developers meet with eachother? 1

grilled-cheese writes: As my software company continues to grow, we find it harder to maintain the group consensus on software engineering. This is mostly due to people being out of the office or working abroad. When looking for ways to bring those developers back into normal discussions, what are some of the techniques and technologies that could be employed?
The Internet

Submission + - What would you use to authenticate a 3rd party?

grilled-cheese writes: "I'm a system administrator who works with generating customized websites for universities containing private data. I'm wondering what the community thinks about authentication systems to hook in 3rd parties. One of the guidelines I use to protect customers is "If I ever know a credential, I don't want it". The best and only solution I've found to this point is CAS (Central Authentication Service). I'd really like to hear more suggestions for alternatives to offer."
Wireless Networking

Submission + - How to test wifi?

grilled-cheese writes: I'm working for a growing university's IT department and we are growing more and more concerned with our wireless network. While we have managed to feel pretty good about our security solution, we don't have a good method for planning, analyzing, and troubleshooting our existing infrastructure as it grows. How would you go about troubleshooting your wifi problems, or surveying the current setup? Is there a published standard for wifi coverage or utilization? What would be some important factors in your wifi planning such as Signal-Noise-Ratio and Multipath?

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