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Comment Wrong problem (Score 1) 160

So my 90's era cordless phone will disrupt my wifi signal more than it already does, great!

Additionally consider what marketing people do to wifi standards. I foresee a new line of wireless routers claiming ridiculous ranges with higher price tags. Average consumer says higher price tag = better, and buys it for their apartment. Consumer is angry that 3 other people in his entire apartment complex bought it too or have the previously mentioned cordless phones and their internet stinks again. It's fine as long as they would clearly specify why you might prefer one band over another, but since they didn't do that so well with 2.4 versus 5 I don't have high hopes.

This also means that every new decide would have to get a new radio installed. Only in the last few years are dual band wifi radios becoming more standard, yet still are a premium. It would be sad if we had a repeat of 802.11a adoption.

Comment Re:Oblig link: source code (Score 1) 66

If only the /. editors would do some minimal investigation... Oh wait, this is still /.

At the moment the code requires both Matlab and Lightspeed. Until someone ports the code to an OSS library or alternate language, it won't see significant adoption.

Comment Re:Misguided move (Score 1) 40

The problem is that coding the rules of DnD is actually hard. WotC tried producing that with 4th edition, but failed to release a working prototype (look at the advertisements in the back an originally printed PHB). Considering the amount of DM discretion given, only DMs themselves could code all their personal house rules and additions to the core game.

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