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Submission + - MogoTitan beats Korean Pro (8p) at US Go Congress (

grikdog writes: "According to this evening's AGA E-Journal (Volume 9, #40), MogoTitan has beaten Myungwan Kim (8P) at the U. S. Go Congress. Because Go is so extremely complex, this incredible result comes about a decade too early, and is roughly comparable to Deep Blue defeating Gary Kasparov at the much simpler game of Chess. MogoTitan took a 9-stone handicap, but defeating a Korean professional ranked 8P should have been impossible at any odds. True to form, MoGo played its usual style and went for the conservative result, the exact minimum points required to win the game — which meant that not only did the computer win, it gave the clear impression that the human lost to a computer."

Submission + - Ordering order is SOV! ( 1

grikdog writes: "According to Science News, "We all order in the same way, no matter what language we speak. That neat trick occurs in the course of daily affairs, not in an Esperanto-only restaurant. People nonverbally represent all kinds of events in a consistent order that corresponds to subject-object-verb, even if they speak a language such as English that uses a different ordering scheme...." This drives the last nail in the Sapir-Whorf coffin, because it proves that linguistic details such as SOV sentence order in Japanese (it's SVO in English) are pre-linguistic."

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