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Comment: Re:Bush Vetoed this, apparently (Score 1) 622

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The real question is who added this particular provision,

Oh, I'm sure that the statute of limitations for that has run out for them....

That being said: it's a law. It's written in the books, and has been. ENFORCE IT, PERIOD;THAT'S THE IRS'S JOB in this case.

It really isn't their fault they've been given offensive and annoying rules. The only thing that should be under review is to make sure they're asking the larger debt owners first.

Now, for the legislators who enacted this fine piece? Let's (all!) have a discussion and a vote.

And really, I can see the overall CongressCritters being told "here's what that does", while the sponsor hashes out all of those nagging details for an actual vote. And after all, the general policy from one of the leaders is "We'll have to pass it to find out what's in it" -- I don't suppose this concept is anything new for them.

It's just like when I do a final code test and review to make sure things are in order, and then fix something while it goes into production. It's only a wafer thin mint.

Comment: Re:Um, no? (Score 1) 307

[how could it be] more efficient?

How? You're obviously misunderstand the efficiency effect.

You laugh yourself silly watching that schools' math nerd cutting your grass in circles, falling over and finally throwing up. Bonus points if you fed him colored Kool-Aid beforehand or were tipping him to finish faster.

It's hard to get a good ROTF belly-laugh, and I can't think of a more efficient and cheaper way to do it.

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Re: ...or not.

no one knows the day or hour when these things will happen,

So all I have to do is write a cron script:

0 * * * * echo "I Predict The World Will End This Very Hour" | mail -s "IMPORTANT -- READ THIS NOW"

...and the world will never end. Problem solved -- well THAT was easy.

- Paul Cron:5 - Crontab:5

For my next act: Whirled Peas, anyone?

Really: the only thing that actually upsets me about the EotW people are the idiots that actually want to help make it happen.

Comment: Re:Is it: "Don't Be More Than 49% Evil" Now? (Score 1) 114

"Don't Be Evil" motto ... But how large a portion of "evil" is Google now comfortable with?

You know the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists' Doomsday Clock? Let's do something similar with Google.

Let's have Google change their homepage so that the more evil they get, the more UPPER CASE LETTERS appear on their search page.

And the best thing is: it's hosted by GOOGLE so we KNOW that it's accurate! (...or was that too subtle?)

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I've been watching some anime in English with English closed captioning -- there's some variance there. Dunno, but I've been ususally disappointed with my native language dialog -- the captioning usually makes better sense / expected dialog than the actual spoken dialog.

SO MUCH SO that I've gone to listening to Japanese while reading the English captions even when spoken English is available. (Huh? The Japanese voices sound all dramatic and all, while the English voices sound like little annoying teenie-boppers. What gives?) And not that I I know Japanese at ALL, but I can now pick up honorifics and very common phrases and -- for extremely obvious cases -- even notice when the CCs aren't portraying things quite correctly.

Comment: Re:Obama could issue an Executive Order (Score 1) 134

?? Confused here ... so are you saying that you HOPE he CHANGES?

That being said, he's "at the mercy" of what his managers tell him. I'm sure news is filtered every which way but loose and that he's told "ignore the TV", as those guys only reflect some public opinion, and they don't have all of the facts anyway.

After all, we know he's proficient in technically matters, so I'm sure that him deep understanding the NSA technical functions is just obvious.

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I doubt there is any field where one percent of laymen aren't vastly superior to the majority of professionals. ... This is statistically normal.

Fine, but just like the quatrains of Nostradamus: can you identify them correctly beforehand? Counting the perfect hits after the fact isn't fair. (But then again I guess it worked for Miss Cleo for a while)

BTW: 16th century Mr. N. is an idiot. But he's better than the current sales-people paying attention to him with 5 centuries more experience. Oh, and multiple Blood Moons are soon arriving -- buy your Tarot cards and ticket to safety now, before it's too late!

Comment: Re:Luck resets every time you guess. (Score 1) 136

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independent observers ,,, concerning foreign policy but whose content is determined by domestic political needs

Damn! That's a usage case I hadn't heard of before. In politics it was always someone else's fault when it didn't work out. Now it's going to be EVERYone else's fault.

Cloud-blaming! (tm)

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The system, it seems, is connected via Wi-Fi and that connection keeps failing.

So I suppose if that DOESN'T fix it, they'll remove the sign and allow active cellphones again? (Hmm, I thought metal objects mostly wouldn't be allowed in the building. Is that only Federal stuff?) That being said, I could certainly understand a judge not wanting to hear ringtones in their active courtroom.

I listen to shows with captioning turned on for almost everything. I presume having this is the courtroom allows the judge to easily review testimony earlier in the trial? (Or are they listening to music on earbuds and only start to pay attention when the transcriptionist STARTS WRITING IN UPPER CASE? :-) )

Lastly, bring in a laptop and sit in the audience, and intercept or change the written record. "I didn't do it!" becomes "What's your problem, you slutty judge?" Or then again there's this guy...

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The control and process environment however, will probably keep XP running well into the 30's

Agree, although notice physical things like fires and power spikes (and perhaps old age) will still break your equipment. I hope you have physical replacements ready in storage (but even there -- fire? theft? water? A well-meaning janitor?) to handle any unexpected failures.

Just because you're not upgrading doesn't mean you won't be forced to by nature/Murphy.

Money is the root of all wealth.