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Comment Re:"If you think you already know everything... (Score 1) 268

about the world, you are not a good scientist," except when talking about global warming, because that science is settled.

No scientist thinks they know everything. But that doesn't mean that scientists aren't extremely confident about certain things.

If the science is all settled then it's just dogma. Might as well move over to religion, as everything is completely planned and all under control.

(At least they have better songs. And vehicles -- when was the last time you saw someone in the official Scientist-mobile?)


I'm just going to say: if I'm in a dense crowd and the only alternatives are moving forward or getting knocked over, I'm going to move forward too.

I don't think rock-star crowdsurfing would work very well. And even if it did, now you're got two layers of congestion.

Comment Re:Other bugs (Score 1) 409

You think quantitative easing is the new normal ?'d have to agree they should only be temporarily.

They're just as temporary as the patches *I* create. Until they blow up, and then they get a new temporary patch.

Than again, maybe Janet Yellen herself is temporary: one, Two

When I watched two, at first I thought she had gotten stage fright, then I decided she was just trying to concentrate or breathe.

Comment OPM Says 5.6 million Fingerprints Stolen... So? (Score 2) 93

So what? It's not the person, it's data ABOUT the person -- in other words, metadata.

And everyone knows that metadata isn't real data; that's why the government is busy collecting so much of it.


(Yes, I realize metadata would be where you actually found those fingerprints. But look-- soon you'll be able to find them everywhere!)

((And besides, I thought "privacy was dead, get over it."))

Comment So THAT'S why! (Score 2) 62

Recordings on old audio tapes won't be worth much in another 20 years, and some are already too degraded to play.

Looks like the RIAA was right all along -- THAT's why you should rebuy all of your music, because soon your original license to listen will have vanished.

"The palest ink is better than the best memory" -- but not when the ink seperates from the paper!

Wait -- does that mean my 8-track RAID array is in danger!?!

Comment Re:Just a harmless drone this time (Score 1) 179

At least model airplane enthusiasts understand that they are directing a rigid object at moderate speeds with (usually) open propellers rotating at high rpm.

But at least the (RC) airplane actually flies. If you lose an engine it still has some semblance of control. A drone has exactly the same flight capabilities as a helicopter ... or a brick.

Of course if you lose contact with the device it's then flying on it's own -- and you better hope it's smarter than you are.

Just a harmless drone this time

I thought we were supposed to learn from our mistakes. And being human even understand how NOT to make them. Or am I expecting too much from adults?

Looking around at Politics ... Never Mind.

Comment Re:Bribes? (Score 1) 130

Bribery is when an elected official supports your agenda because you pay them.
Campaign contributions are when you pay an elected official because they support your agenda.

Bribery is when you pay an elected official for actual results.
Campaign contributions are when you pay an elected official and HOPE to get some results
Voting is when you attempt to choose an elected official and then can gripe when he DOESN'T deliver results.

The first two have real and political ramifications; the latter has only good intentions.

Comment I'm lazy. (Score 1) 50

more than a petabyte of stored data is accessible to anyone online with the knowledge of where and how to look for it.

(Readable sites and login-credentials) picts or it didn't happen.

On an on-topic item: I, too, worked for a company where the SOP was to run a NAS with over 12PB of storage and the default credentials were used "for support reasons." For the rounding-off-error area of 40TB I controlled I was finally able to extract a concession and change a single character of the password: an "o" to a "0".

At least it wasn't accessible on the internet. And that change kept anyone internally from logging into my section on the first try.

Comment This is a partnership.... (Score 4, Interesting) 82

NSA got access to everything, blah blah. The NSA is our new overlord and conscience. So I'm contrarian here and curious: what did AT&T get out of this?

Or are they just happy they can listen in to phone calls again way back when the (actual) operators supported party-lines across multiple families and literally did the dialing for you?


For those of you too young to remember: a party line was a single shared telephone line spread across multiple houses where anyone could pick up the phone and hear a conversation that another family was having -- that's how it was designed; no single line per each room in a house but a single line shared between disparate houses.

If someone was calling, the ringtone (a clapper striking a physical bell attached to the phone) was a different pattern for each house so the correct person would know to pick up.

Speed-dial? Touch-tones? Rotary? Dial-tone? No, you flashed the hook to get the attention of the mostly-present operator and verbally told them the name or number to dial for you.

I've got a phone like that hanging in the kitchen. Unattached and unused for decades, of course, until I give in and pay for the "Twilight Zone" option.

Comment Pshaw -- easy. (Score 1) 57

Automated Real-Time Pedestrian Detection?

Simply add face recognition to the muffler, problem solved. " Yep , that was a pedestrian -- and we even know who."

But since it's Google, they'll probably do something higher-tech like measuring the reaction of the shock absorbers. And unlike their WiFi scanning, they've got two chances to get it right!

What? Why are you looking at me funny?

1: "My dog here has fleas and I'd like to kill them."
2: Opens the door and tosses the dog into the roaring furnace; slams door shut.
1: "WHAT did you just do? My dog is DEAD!"
2: "The fleas are dead; isn't that what you said you wanted?"

Comment Re:What a clusterfuck (Score 1) 676

There is also a large portion that will be bored by the story by the time the truth comes out and wonder why we haven't moved past this. Attention spans run quite brief nowadays.

Agree. It's almost as if we're determined not to remember anything so as to not have to learn anything from it.

"What difference, at this point, does it make?"

Comment Re:Won't someone think of the children? (Score 1) 207

It's not a router, but I've got a Onkyo amplifier that has lots of lights and doodads and of course an off switch. And an associated off LIGHT that turns on when the unit itself is turned off, and vice versa.

It's among the stupidest things I've even seen. It does work correctly though, so I guess I'll give them that.

Comment Re:There is a saying ... (Score 2) 91

Where I used to work, there were a few short terms for idiots who ignored or violated security standards: CEO, CFO, Legal, etc. They'd pass all these security measures for protecting data, and then say, "Oh, but not for me."

One of them had they RSA keyfob security code statically set at "111111" because it was just too hard to type in the digits (or they changed too quickly, I forget which.)

He got written up in the security exception reports and such, but was high enough to be able to override it.

At least it wasn't the code to the planetary air shield generator: 12345.

Comment Why Crypto Backdoors Wouldn't Work (Score 1) 105

to make ... apps just slightly more difficult ... and just slightly less worthwhile ... the government would have to go to extraordinary lengths.

Ahh, well there's your problem: you expect resource restrictions and common sense from government.

"the government would have to go to extraordinary lengths" Really!?! When has that ever stopped them from doing anything?

The Wright Bothers weren't the first to fly. They were just the first not to crash.