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Comment Re:huh? (Score 1) 142

They could have been running the code for it on their server, doing a (perhaps asynchronous) request for the CAPTCHA image and that had been set up to use a direct IP address (or domain linking to one). The connection strings for AJAX requests and the like are often forgotten when handling domain-related issues/HTTPS/etc., so I'm not at all surprised.

Comment Re:perception (Score 2) 320

Many disagree with you as to whether these things are or should be rights. Some believe that people should be left to starve or freeze to death if they are unwilling or unable to work. (This viewpoint is not uniquely American.)

Deriding people who hold such views for their lack of compassion is non-productive. To win them over, it may be more effective to show how helping the poor benefits them - if indeed it does. For example, public health care benefits everyone who has direct or indirect contact with the public - even the rich - through the prevention of epidemics.

In the Simpsons, the local school puts on a play ("The Nice Man Giveth") to show Mr Burns the personal value of education, when poorly-educated students accidentally serve him rat poison, can't read a map to drive him to hospital, and fail to operate correctly on him. While it does not work in that particular instance, perhaps those who seek funding from the public could do a better job of explaining why the public should care.

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