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The Internet

Submission Ubuntu can't access the Internet

greenguy writes: "Appaprently, reading Slashdot at home over the last several years has all been in my imagination, because Ubuntu can't connect to the Internet. For those of you too busy to RTFA, there's video showing conclusive proof. This story has made it to the Register, though their last sentence shows how they really feel about the matter."

Submission Announcing Gobuntu, the all-Free-Software Ubuntu->

greenguy writes: "Mark Shuttleworth recently announced the arrival of Gobuntu, a derivative of Ubuntu which will only use Free Software. He says... "It is a flavour of Ubuntu (like Kubuntu or Xubuntu) that is basically the same desktop environment as Ubuntu (a GNOME desktop) and a very strict set of restrictions on the licences of code and content. This means that we try to strip out ANYTHING which is not modifiable and redistributable, including firmware, PDF's, video footage, sounds etc. We are trying to apply the FSF "rights" definition to everything in the platform." Note that it's not quite ready for prime time, and will mostly serve a starting point for distros like gNewSense."
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