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Comment: Re:Which raises the critical question: (Score 1) 412

by greenfruitsalad (#47431495) Attached to: Python Bumps Off Java As Top Learning Language

where Python Style Guide encourages readability, Ruby's one encourages encrypting your code into a messy string of colons, semicolons, various braces, hashes, percentiles, ampersands and other special characters.

so, even though what you say is true, I find Java code way more readable than Ruby

I shudder every time i need to use ruby (in Chef Cookbooks)

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by greenfruitsalad (#47429821) Attached to: My most recent energy-saving bulbs last ...

regarding the "equivalent to 100W" practice; what I find most annoying is when I buy one where "equivalent to 100W" really IS equivalent to 100W. for example, I bought a 20W fluorescent bulb for my hallway and now, every time I turn it on, I can see my x-ray skeleton being burned into the wall next to me.

+ - The rise and fall of the cheat code-> 1

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "A new feature published this week takes a deep-dive look at the history of the cheat code and its various manifestations over the years, from manual 'pokes' on cassettes to pass phrases with their own dedicated menus — as well as their rise from simple debug tool in the early days of bedroom development to a marketing tactic when game magazines dominated in the 1990s, followed by dedicated strategy guides.

Today's era of online play has all but done away with them, but the need for a level playing field isn't the only reason for their decline: as one veteran coder points out, why give away cheats for free when you can charge for them as in-app purchases? "Bigger publishers have now realised you can actually sell these things to players as DLC. Want that special gun? Think you can unlock it with a cheat code? Nope! You've got to give us some money first!""

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by greenfruitsalad (#46934215) Attached to: Anti-Virus Is Dead (But Still Makes Money) Says Symantec

yepp, OT but i'll add my bit. when I was in Paris a few years ago, I was served my "well done" steak so raw it was still twitching. i returned it twice to have it cooked; to no avail. I then called the waiter again and while he and the chef were watching, I wrapped the steak in the tablecloth, squeezed and asked them to explain why the fabric was turning red. at that point half of the staff ganged up on me and tried to tell me I didn't understand what a good steak was. well, f*ck you very much - I decide what I like and blood dripping cold fibrous chewing gum ain't it! (especially at 30 Euro a piece)

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wtf? how can you concentrate on anything other than this piece of information: "because the $80/month plan came with unlimited data"

i didn't even know tariffs could cost that much; especially in the land of the cheap. in some european markets it's normal to pay 10-15 Euro for unlimited data on a 1 month rolling contract and even less if you sign up for longer. and i do mean unlimited. my provider simply throttles the download speed to 512Kbps after 10GB.

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by greenfruitsalad (#46643991) Attached to: Canonical Shutting Down Ubuntu One File Services

Oh For F***s Sake, not this S**t again! Serves me right for finally succumbing to the cloudy temptation.

I refused to use any of the xxxxBoxes and AmazoGoogDrives that are so popular nowadays as I don't trust any of them. I held out until my wife installed "ubuntu one" on her phone last month and set it up so that whenever she took a picture on her phone the photo immediately appeared on my computer. Within a few days, my whole family started using it on their phones and computers.

Our mothers-in-law religiously check the albums on every night too see all the new pictures of their grandchildren and now this! Never, I say, NEVER will I put my trust in these EEEEeeeeeevil clouds again!

+ - The 3D Economy - What happens when everyone prints their own shoes?-> 2

Submitted by cold fjord
cold fjord (826450) writes "From Reason: "Last May, Cody Wilson produced an ingeniously brief but nuanced manifesto about individual liberty in the age of the ever-encroaching techno-state-a single shot fired by a plastic pistol fabricated on a leased 3D printer. While Wilson dubbed his gun The Liberator, his interests and concerns are broader than merely protecting the Second Amendment. ... Wilson is ultimately aiming for the "transcendence of the state." And yet because of the nature of his invention, many observers reacted to his message as reductively as can be: "OMG, guns!" ... But if armies of Davids really want to transcend the state, there are even stronger weapons at their disposal: toothbrush holders, wall vases, bottle openers, shower caddies, and tape dispensers. ... Imagine what will happen when millions of people start using the tools that produced The Liberator to make, copy, swap, barter, buy, and sell all the quotidian stuff with which they furnish their lives. Rest in peace, Bed, Bath & Beyond. Thanks for all the stuff, Foxconn, but we get our gadgets from Pirate Bay and MEGA now. Once the retail and manufacturing carnage starts to scale, the government carnage will soon follow. How can it not, when only old people pay sales tax, fewer citizens obtain their incomes from traditional easy-to-tax jobs, and large corporate taxpayers start folding like daily newspapers? Without big business, big government can't function.""
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