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Comment Sky (Score 1) 78

If the landlord will allow a dish install, they're reasonably priced (£25pcm for all channels, excluding movies and sports), and can also provide your landline + broadband/fibre. We pay ~£70pcm for Sky, Movies, landline, and 40mb fibre (which has no download caps or traffic shaping).

Alternatively, you can pull out all the indoor Virgin Media cables (assuming they've haphazardly tacked them to the skirting boards) to the outside of the property (where they should be joined with a threaded 'F' barrel coupler), and they'll have to run them to where you want them during the install. However, their TV packages are somewhat confusing, generally more expensive than the Sky equivalent, and they'll charge more for the subscription if you don't take a phoneline as part of the deal.

Failing that, buy a 20m aerial extension kit and a Freeview HD box from Amazon, and pray that you get a good signal.

Comment Re:Justice (Score 1) 353

a) Functions that any reasonable person would expect the product to have, based on the advertising but also on similar products on the market. This doesn't obviate the customer's responsibility to do some research, just covers too-obvious-to-check things like if your brand new DVD recorder didn't include a DVD playback function

I returned an Iphone 3G in this spirit. "I don't know any other phone were I can't resent or forward a text message".

Comment Re:True story... No lie (Score 1) 204

And why exactly do you think the explosion was in any way related to your wi-fi?

Point 1 - I bet that a good percentage of people that use their electronic devices on airplanes do not consciously turn off wi-fi.So far I haven't heard of any plane accidents that were attributed to wi-fi transmissions.
Point 2 - Lufhtansa for a while actually advertised wireless connectivity on their airplanes for web surfing during long-haul flights. At the time it was a bit expensive and extremely laggy so I only used it once. But they definitely didn't discourage it.

Comment Re:What can be done? Nothing. (Score 0, Troll) 511

checking your account every few days is only prudent.

Not unless you're unemployed and therefore have a lot of extra time on your hands...

Honestly, if I have to watch my bank account like a hawk to have a debit or credit card, I'd stick to cash exclusively, and the good old monthly statement... I don't know about anyone else, but the "convenience" of a credit/debit card is pretty damn small to me.

Comment 48-Hour Game (Score 1) 58

When I read the headline I was certain it was referring to the time required to complete a single game of Civilization. I just concluded a single-player civ4 game on standard speed and spent around that amount of play time. It's certainly a change of pace from games like Starcraft where 2 hours is epically long.

Comment Re:I am scared. I am intrigued. (Score 1) 820

Yes, and I think this makes the point. From a corporation's point of view there was never any guarantee that an artificial meat product would be welcomed, since so many PETA-types would object on basically irrational grounds. This was a barrier to commercialization, since manufacturers didn't know if the product would be rejected by PETA even if it did substantially decrease cruelty to animals. To pre-empt this, PETA basically had to go to war with itself, making it clear that they /had/ considered the issue and the consensus was that artificial meat would be welcomed. It wasn't unanimous, but it's much better for PETA to fight this out /before/ a product is developed rather than after.

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