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Comment: Re:Real use (Score 3, Informative) 206

by graznar (#34614598) Attached to: RubyGems' Module Count Soon To Surpass CPAN's
Here's a quick list just off the top of my head: * YellowPages.com * All of the 37signals apps (Basecamp, Campfire, etc.) * Hulu * Scribd * LivingSocial * Penny Arcade * GitHub * Twitter (backend powered by a ton of stuff but their frontend is mostly Rails) * Chow.com * Oracle.Mix * Shopify * Justin.tv * Crunchbase There are a ton more public facing and even more (as you mention) sort of "behind the firewall" type stuff. Ruby (especially Rails) has stepped up as a pretty major contender in the web development arena. :)

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