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Comment: Re: Suck it Millenials (Score 1) 372

by Maxo-Texas (#49353853) Attached to: Millennial Tech Workers Losing Ground In US

Unless you are in 15% of jobs- you'll be forced to retire.

Good thing is, worst case you'll get about 85% of your social security benefits. This could be fixed if they raised the limit to 500k salary and raised the tax by 1%. Pretty small change so the problem is partially theatrics.

Bad thing is, those will only cover about 70% of your needs so you will need something to fill that gap. Medicare looks in trouble. It could be fixed if the U.S. offered to pay for medical school in return for lower cost service as germany does to doctors. And if we broke the medical school cartel and ramped up the number of doctors like we did during world war 2.

Save hard- as in 50%. I did and was able to retire at 51- not on social security for another 16 to 19 years.

Another stock market decline is coming soon (probably in calendar 2015). Hopefully 20-30%- but it could be another 50% hit. When the 100dma crosses back above the 300dma again after the bottom- that's when you put the money in and let it rise for years without having to do anything. That will multiply your savings.

Comment: Re:Suck it Millenials (Score 1) 372

by Maxo-Texas (#49353813) Attached to: Millennial Tech Workers Losing Ground In US

So California Pacific lays off 500 existing IT workers to replace them with H1B workers who will be paid 2/3 the cost, forces the existing workers to train their H1B Infosys replacements if the u.s. workers want their severance- and forces them to sign NDA's if they want their full severance.

And people wonder why millenials are doing poorly in this kind of environment. California Pacific's layoff seems blatantly illegal (how can you say you need H1B's because you can't find american workers with the skill set when you are LAYING OFF EXISTING WORKERS to replace them with H1B's????) but many other companies are doing the same thing by eliminating jobs at site "A" and immediately starting up the jobs at site "B".

Look- if the companies were foreign companies- we might protect workers or at least get lower prices. But as it is we are expected to pay full prices for the product here while the company uses discount labor.

Here is a blatant obvious case-- will someone do something about this? At least the conservative talk radio is finally mad about the issue. In the past it was only the democrats. How many jobs have to go before something is done?

Why enter a field when you are directly competing with people who can go home and live well on $15k a year?

Comment: Re:Dupe (Score 1) 214

by Maxo-Texas (#49353759) Attached to: Broadband ISP Betrayal Forces Homeowner To Sell New House

Aye... sort of irritating that the article on California Pacific laying off workers to replace them with H1B's from Infosys doesn't get approved for anyone submitting it and this gets approved twice. Laying off u.s. workers to replace them with H1B's. That sounds directly illegal and could be a tipping point in the struggle against H1B's since conservative talk radio is riled up over it too for a change.

Comment: The problem I run in to: Too many devices (Score 1) 157

by Maxo-Texas (#49351937) Attached to: Many Password Strength Meters Are Downright Weak, Researchers Say

Too many devices.
Multiple tablets, roku, smart tv, multiple laptops, multiple computers.

If I change the password on one, I have to change them on all. If I have to change my system on one, then I have to write the passwords down.

It's not even "dumb". It's just reality.

However, so far- I've never had a password cracked and I haven't had a virus since "Your Amiga has Come Alive!" back in the early 90s.

I'm just not worth the effort most likely.

Comment: Re:Explain this to me. (Score 1) 140

by moeinvt (#49343631) Attached to: First Nuclear Power Plant Planned In Jordan

Where do you get this crap about Iran being "crazy"? Fox News? Israeli and U.S. government propaganda? Iran is not "crazy" and U.S. intelligence analysts have said that there is no evidence of an active nuclear weapons program in Iran.
Even IF Iran had a weapons program, they are not "crazy" enough to use a nuke against the USA or Israel and doom themselves to complete annihilation in the inevitable counterattack.
If oil was my only major export, I wouldn't want to burn it for domestic power production either.
The real reason is that the USA government uses a ridiculous and short sighted double standard in its foreign(and domestic) policy.

Comment: Re:We should lobby to break the cable companies (Score 5, Insightful) 529

Dude lives in the middle of nowhere. There's nothing wrong with Comcast not offering him service, there's something wrong with them claiming they did when they didn't.

Additionally, the homeowner should have been more diligent that his home in the middle of nowhere, with no cable box, would actually have cable.

Internet over 4G really isn't that expensive, and that's what he uses now. I'm surprised that doesn't work for him.

Comment: Shouldn't be an argument (Score -1, Troll) 858

by moeinvt (#49338509) Attached to: Gen Con Threatens To Leave Indianapolis Over Religious Freedom Bill

Business owners should be able to "deny services to individuals" based on whatever criteria that the business owner chooses. Yes, that includes race, gender, hair color, sexual orientation or whatever else the owner wants to dream up. We shouldn't need to argue this on the basis of "religious freedom". It should be about "freedom" in the most general sense. Same with the "Hobby Lobby" case. Forget religion. Government has no legitimate authority to dictate the terms of a health benefits package that an employer offers to their employees.

+ - Southern California Edison Lays off 500 workers- replaces with H1B Visa workers.->

Submitted by Maxo-Texas
Maxo-Texas (864189) writes "California Edison workers are being laid off and replaced with Infosys H1B visa workers. They will be required to train their Infosys replacements in order to receive their severance pay and they will be required to sign NDA's in order to receive their full payment.

This violates the premise of H1B visa's-- that the workers are needed to fill jobs for which employees cannot be found. The story is being widely reported on conservative talk radio as well so this event may actually bridge the political gap and bring about bipartisan corrections to the H1B programs

Full details:"

Link to Original Source

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