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More Cities Use DNA To Catch Dog Owners Who Don't Pick Up Waste 175

dkatana writes: For many cities one of the biggest cleaning expenses is dealing with dog poop. While it is impossible to ask the birds to refrain from splattering the city, dogs have owners and those owners are responsible for disposing of their companion's waste. The few who shirk their duty create serious problems for the rest. Poop is not just a smelly inconvenience. It's unsanitary, extra work for cleaning crews, and in the words of one Spanish mayor, on a par with vandalism. Cities have tried everything from awareness campaigns with motorized poo videos, to publishing offenders names to mailing the waste back to the dog owner. In one case, after a 147 deliveries, dog waste incidents in the town dropped 70 percent. Those campaigns have had limited effect and after an initial decline in incidents, people go back to their old ways. Which has left many cities resorting to science and DNA identification of waste. Several European cities, including Naples and one borough in London, are building DNA registries of pets. Offending waste will then be tested and the cost of the analysis charged to the dog owner, along with a fine.

Comment Personal Responsibility? (Score 4, Interesting) 706

Forgive me for being the odd duck out here, but what ever happened to "Personal Responsibility"? I, too, think it's wrong for the hackers to release that information. It sounds like a despicable act of misguided morality to me, but that's irrelevant.

These people took their own lives, the external stressers don't really matter; they CHOSE to commit suicide. Maybe if signing up and using that site was such an emotional risk for them, they shouldn't have done it?

Comment Re:If you don't have riveting hero(s).... (Score 1) 168

If you don't have riveting hero(s), you darned well better have an awesome presentation.

I disagree. Superheroes are, by and large, boring. They're the good guys! They do good things. Whoopee.

It's the bad guys that really give movies and shows their depth. Incidentally, this is also what keeps a lot of marvel movies from being great; the hero is "meh", and the bad guy is "meh". Thor 2? Iron Man 2?

But when the villain is interesting and dynamic? It can save an otherwise blah movie. Case in point; The Dark Knight, with Heath Ledger's Joker. Sans Joker, the movie would have been "ok". Ledger made that movie great.

Heroes can only ever be as interesting as their antagonistic foils.

Comment Re:Well, and it was a pig (Score 1) 279

Never took off? I thought it had hundreds of millions of users. In what world is that not taking off?

Where people actually *use* it. Sure, it has millions of users, precisely because google tied it to it's various services.

But do people actually post on it? Do people actually open it and use it to keep in touch with friends and family? No, and by your own admission, they couldn't because it gets "pretty heavy" when you keep it open.

Fanboy's aside, g+ isn't used and at least part of that blame has to be on the interface.

Comment Well, and it was a pig (Score 1) 279

Some great reasons as to why G+ never took off, but something I haven't seen mentioned is that the interface was a pig.

Go ahead. Go open it up and time how long the damn thing takes to load up. I have a fairly quick computer and it took over 10 seconds for first load ( around 8 seconds for each subsequent load ). On top of that, it loads my hangouts list again; I already have it in my browser and my email tab.

I am constantly amazed how frequently big companies completely screw up the interface thinking it's not important.

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