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Comment: How? (Score 2) 333

I'm not sure how they hope to contain such a yeast strain. Sure, they can lock it up *now*, but for how long will that last? It'll only take a single corrupt employee, or group of employees, being offered more money than they could ever hope to make in several lifetimes. Then it's out in the wild. Unless they plan on building in some kind of critical vulnerability in the strain, any home brewer can replicate the yeast with ease. Even if they do build in a critical vulnerability, it'll be an "addon" and thus, possible to disable.

I foresee another "War on Drugs" coming, where the objective in unobtainable. Fortunately after the first round of funding, the objective becomes irrelevant ( of course, the cynic in me is YELLING that the objective IS the funding..but I digress ).

Comment: Dear TV Manufacturers (Score 1) 119

You're still not going to fool me. Years ago when my old CRT TV failed, I upgraded to a largish screen LCD. Works perfectly fine, still, even close to 7 years later.

I didn't need a 3d tv, or a 4k later. I really don't want a "smart" tv, despite the deliciously ironic name. I'm not going to upgrade every couple years, no matter what you try.

I half expect "smell-o-vision" next.

Comment: Re:Merely scratches the surface (Score 3, Insightful) 950

A valid point as well; young women's ability is overvalued while young men's abilities are undervalued.

However, I suspect how society has been treating men for the past several decades plays into the VG and porn "addiction". We're told any sexual advances we ( men ) make are wrong, and they objectify women, but we're still expected to make them or we're "not men". Well, guess what? A lot of us are tired of the doublespeak and the games where we're always at a disadvantage ( one way or another, we're "wrong" ), so instead we choose to check out.

Why bother? Why waste all that time and energy for a potential reward? Video games and porn are a guaranteed rate of return and thus, a better value.

Comment: Merely scratches the surface (Score 5, Insightful) 950

He's looking at the symptoms and declaring them to be the problem without any real understanding of the underlying causes.

Guys focusing on video games and porn are a natural result in a society which is heavily biased in favor of women. Hell, I'd rather avoid dealing with women romantically too, given all the risks involved. All it takes is the mere accusation of rape, and a man's life can be torn to shreds. But even beyond that, we see a legal system completely set against men; custody, domestic violence, divorce? All stacked against men.

So more men are choosing porn and forgoing women. Seems like a perfectly rational response to me.

Comment: Re:sampling bias (Score 1) 405

by grasshoppa (#49653409) Attached to: Is IT Work Getting More Stressful, Or Is It the Millennials?

I'm not even talking about asking questions. I LIKE questions from my trainees, shows they're paying attention and have a genuine interest in learning. I don't even mind the "that way is stupid, we should do it this way instead" comments as I learned they're much the same question as "why do we do it this way?", just wrapped differently.

No, I'm talking about solely the bitching and moaning. The "they don't pay for vision?!" or "Why won't they send me to training?", or my favorite ( I hear this a lot ), "We have to clock out for lunch?". It seems to always be a shock to them how the real world operates. I'd like to think I was better than that when I was there age, but I was probably every bit as bad.

Comment: Re:sampling bias (Score 4, Insightful) 405

by grasshoppa (#49650905) Attached to: Is IT Work Getting More Stressful, Or Is It the Millennials?

It could very well be that they're right ( the old people ).

When I started training the new employees ( 18-25 ), I noticed how much bitching and moaning they did. It was shocking, really. Enough so that I stopped and thought about it, and realized that when I was first entering the work force I did much the same thing.

Maybe I'm old, and maybe you kids really should get the fuck off my lawn, but young adults DO whine incessantly.

Comment: Re:Observations.... (Score 1) 553

by grasshoppa (#49626895) Attached to: Former HP CEO Carly Fiorina Announces Bid For White House

More like they recognize a relatively large segment of the population who can easily be manipulated by cheap words and clever sayings. And really, what have they to lose? They get someone else to front money for their campaign, and even if they do poorly they can still get a book deal or three and retire off of the proceeds.

Comment: Re:Observations.... (Score 2) 553

by grasshoppa (#49613397) Attached to: Former HP CEO Carly Fiorina Announces Bid For White House

Unfortunately for the republicans, Fox has been vetting Hillary for going on 8 years. There is little new dirt they could dish up.

I appreciate how terrified Fox is of Hillary given how strong a candidate she is ( especially when viewed against potential runners like Fiorina/Bush/Christy/Huckabee ), but their constant attacks on Hillary will really only benefit the democrats in the long run.

The irony is delicious.

( note: I hate all candidates/parties. Equally though, and isn't that what we're going for afterall? Equality! )

Comment: It is unfortunate (Score 1) 385

by grasshoppa (#49500305) Attached to: Can High Intelligence Be a Burden Rather Than a Boon?

Unfortunately, this is largely the natural progression of society. Back then, we didn't know how to handle these kids, thus we ham stringed them from the get go. They had the unfortunate luck to be born at a time when we're just awakening to the idea that we should treat children differently than adults, and with absolutely NO awareness that different children require different rearing techniques.

The good news is that, despite all the bullshit,we really have progressed quite far. I doubt, 80 years from now were you to quiz a similar group of kids from today, you'd get the same response. No, instead you might hear how society let them down, that they always felt society always failed to live up to their expectations.

Ah, progress!

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