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that I would like to see... PS. for all the naysayers here, There are MANY fonts that approach illegibility and are used for style only. I once worked in a sign shop and we had a poster with thousands of fonts. Admittedly we did not use many of them, but occasionally one of the esoteric ones would be perfect for a job. These fonts, as well as being mathematical curiosities could be used for specific circumstances.

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graphius (907855) writes "I have used for many years to maintain easy access to my home server* Now DynDNS is ending their free service. $25 per year is very cheap, but all I need is one host name for my dynamic IP. What do other slashdotters use? or should I just upgrade to an overkill pro account?

*I use my home server for a personal egroupware install (calendar, file manager, to do list, etc) as well as a test server for tweaking websites."

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Comment: Re: tired of the lack of progress on GIMP (Score 2) 75

by graphius (#46419031) Attached to: Krita 2.8 Released
I too have tried to use GIMP over the years. GIMP can be good for some things, and can even be great for a subset of things, but the overall workflow is very convoluted and difficult. I seem to be trying to do things in spite of the program. I know there are some people who do great things with GIMP, and I have sung the praises of specific features (they had a resynthesize before Photoshop for example) but overall, Photoshop, with all its warts (and there are many) is just more cohesive. Back on topic, I have never really been able to get much out of Krita. I am a photographer and quite tech savvy, but I do not "get:" Krita. Maybe I will have to try again...

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by graphius (#46408575) Attached to: Microsoft's Attempt To Convert Users From Windows XP Backfires
And to stretch the analogy, the throttle has been moved to just beside the dash with no indication (other than buried in the owners manual) of where it is. I admit I have not used 8.1, but even without the metro abomination (and an ugly desktop reminiscent of win 3.1) things in win8 have not only been moved (again?) for no reason, but they have been cleverly HIDDEN (I am looking at you power button). I guess I could learn all the new tricks, but when the system blue screens and up pops a HAPPY FACE!!? yeah, no. Microsoft has lost touch with its users.

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