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by grantspassalan (#47570169) Attached to: The Milky Way Is Much Less Massive Than Previous Thought

“What if we've missed something?”

The electric force is 10^36 times greater than gravity. Most humans, including physicists cannot really visualize a number with 36 zeros behind it. Because charges can either attract or repel, the electric forces in the universe ALMOST but not quite in some instances cancel each other. It is the ignoring of this tiny imbalance which is not being accounted for in the motion of the galaxies that causes astrophysicists to suggest the existence of dark matter, dark energy and black holes. None of these strictly mathematical constructs have ever been discovered to actually exist.

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Like many people, this guy could have written his too long to remember password down on a note taped to the bottom of the keyboard. The police in their hurry to confiscate the computer lost the note. How would anybody ever prove or disprove that this scenario did not happen?

Comment: Re:Seems appropriate (Score 2) 353

The poor guy probably had the password written down on a Post-it note underneath the keyboard because it was too long and complicated to reasonably remember. The police in their hurry, when they confiscated the computer, lost that little note. How can anyone prove that this was not so. How can anyone prove that the guy does indeed not remember the password? After all, humans are forgetful creatures. I suppose being forgetful can land you in jail in the UK.

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by grantspassalan (#47039241) Attached to: Studies: Wildfires Worse Due To Global Warming

Warmer air can hold more moisture than colder air. Therefore if the overall temperature of the earth rises, there will be more average moisture in the atmosphere which will also result in more moisture precipitating out of the atmosphere. That increased moisture will still not be distributed more evenly than now.

Where do people think all that carbon was, before it was sequestered underground a long time ago? We call this stuff we burn “fossil fuel” because it was once part of living organisms, mostly plants. Where do plants get their carbon? Climate like most things in nature comes in cycles. It is natural and people have absolutely nothing to do with it. They never did in the past and they don’t now. AGW is a modern myth, a fairytale designed to control people and make someone lots of money.

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Just for fun I tried to watch a video on Hulu with Safari and sure enough they told me I had to have Flash installed in order to watch their stuff. Then I told Safari to lie to them and tell them that I am using an iPad. Low and behold the videos worked like a charm. Why do sites like Hulu and others still require that people have this malware vector installed on their systems?

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Here is a serious answer -> All iPads, iPhones and newer Macs don’t use Flash. You don’t even need a browser, but can download hundreds of games, many of them for free. Most of those free ones are far better than anything using Flash. Many of those games even work without an Internet connection, which none of the Flash-based games do.

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There is nothing that Flash can do on the millions of iPads, iPhones and modern Macs, because it won’t run on any of them. On the rest of the devices out there, such as Android and Windows, Flash can be and often has been a fabulous way for malware writers to infiltrate your device.

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Apple for good reason does not allow Flash on any of their devices. I can still download it from Adobe for my Mac if I first change a setting in the control panel that by default prevents this. So far I have resisted the temptation. What do instead is fool the Flash infested websites, mostly videos, that I am using an iPad and then like magic the video usually works just fine. There are many YouTube videos that behave this way. I don’t play games, so Flash might as well not exist.

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by grantspassalan (#46807515) Attached to: Venus' Crust Heals Too Fast For Plate Tectonics

Since nobody was around billions of years ago, many assumptions have to be made about conditions on earth at that time. This is true even more so about Venus. About the only thing these “scientists” can say for sure is that the mathematics and programming of their computer models are likely correct. That is certainly not true about the original assumptions used as a starting point. As the saying goes: “garbage in, garbage out”.

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by grantspassalan (#46753421) Attached to: IRS Can Now Seize Your Tax Refund To Pay a Relative's Debt

It does not really make any more difference whether a candidate is a Democrat or Republican. What is really important in the next election is to vote against whoever is in office currently and vote for their opponent most likely to throw them out. This will send the message loud and clear that the people are fed up with the status quo. Sooner or later (most likely sooner) the newcomers will also turn corrupt, but it will take them a while to establish their connections with the corrupting influences of the thousands of professional lobbyists infesting Washington DC. Meanwhile we can hope that for a while at least they will represent the people that voted them into office rather than the money bags of special interest groups.

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by grantspassalan (#46666273) Attached to: Illustrating the Socioeconomic Divide With iOS and Android

Most people in this world have to trade their time for money in order to pay their bills. This includes people who spend their time writing programs for phones and computers. Why is it so surprising that people that can afford Apple products are also able to spend more money?

It does not cost significantly less to make the hardware of phones and tablets from one company to the next. What costs a lot of money is making good software to run on this hardware. It is mostly because the software on Android is "free" that makes these devices cheaper than Apple products. This is also the reason why Android customers expect their apps to be free also. Android however is not really free for the same reason that over the air broadcast television is not free. For Google and broadcasters the users are the product and the advertisers are the customers. Both are selling the user's time. In the case of Google, the users private information as well as their time is sold to the advertisers. Besides huge profits, Google is using a large fraction of their substantial pile of money to provide "free" software to deliver more of their product (eyeballs and information) to their customers the advertisers.

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No one has ever made a safe or lock that could not be broken and no one will ever make a software system that cannot be hacked. The battle between good and evil will never end. This has been the battle of humanity since the beginning. The best we can hope for is to limit the evil of hacking to a dull roar. A hacked Internet connected freezer can spoil hundreds of dollars worth of food or a hacked clothes dryer may set somebody's house on fire. Up until now, only a tiny number of hacks have caused real physical damage. Until the possibility of real physical damage is eliminated for all practical purposes, the so-called "Internet of Things" will be a novelty for the vast majority of people.

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"science is unconcerned with Truth, perhaps even actively opposed to it"

That statement is accepted by many today, but that was not how the pioneers that laid the foundation of our modern science understood their scientific pursuits in their lifetimes. Most of the early scientists, indeed most people at that time, believed that there was an absolute truth because they believed in the God of truth. They believed that they could discover these unchanging truths of nature because they believed that these truths were put there by an unchanging Creator God. Many scientific units of measurement are still named after these early pioneer scientists.

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Faith begins where science helpless. It means believing someone you trust to tell you the truth. If I tell you I like the colors blue and yellow, there is no scientific way of testing this objectively. All you can do is either believe I am telling you the truth or disbelieve and accuse me of lying or ignorance.

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