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Comment: Re:Evidence is not about belief. (Score 1) 971

When a so-called “ballistics expert” gives evidence that a certain bullet was fired from a certain gun and some other so-called expert gives evidence that the bullet came from some other gun, the jury has to decide whose evidence to BELIEVE. The evidence itself is not belief, but it must be believed by people or not. Evolutionists give evidence for evolution and creationists give evidence for creation. People should be allowed to listen to the evidence presented by both sides and then decide whom to believe.

Comment: Re:Completely appropriate venue (Score 1) 971

All evidence must be BELIEVED. Don’t you think they should be allowed to present their evidence, if they have any, and then you and others can be the jury as to whether to believe or disbelieve and render a verdict? That is how we do it in courts of law.

So therefore if this were a legal case, you would find “them” guilty without even a trial? Do you even know who “they” are? Even the vilest criminals are allowed to present their case even though of course they really don’t have a case. Creationists are not criminals but merely have a different idea about origins.

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Everything that humans do begins in their mind. Why should that be any different with God? In the Genesis account we read over and over again, “God said”. Speaking is a form of communication from a mind. There is evidence that the human mind can communicate with matter at the quantum level. Why is it not conceivable that an infinitely greater and more powerful mind, the mind of God, could directly create and then influence/control matter by simply sending forth a communication from His mind? Just because we don’t have the foggiest idea how that might work does not automatically make it impossible. There is a lot about reality, especially quantum physics that we don’t know. Richard Feynman, one of the most prominent and famous physicist of our time said this in: The Character of Physical Law (1965), “I think I can safely say that nobody understands quantum mechanics.”

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Even if it did have enough capacity, it would take a 2 MW power supply to charge a 100 kW battery in five minutes, assuming there were no losses. A “gas station” that could “fill” five electric cars simultaneously would have to have a 10 MW grid connection. I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

Comment: Re:presumably so... (Score 1) 383

by grantspassalan (#47649347) Attached to: DARPA Wants To Kill the Password

There is nothing you could have that the government can’t get, if they really wanted. They don’t need the password to your bank account because they can order the bank to freeze your account or even confiscate your money. If they come to your house, they can take anything they want. If you have a deep dark secret only stored in your brain they are after, they can throw you in prison and/or torture you.

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by grantspassalan (#47649089) Attached to: DARPA Wants To Kill the Password

All security, long before computers came along has always been based on either something you know, such as a password, or something you have, such as a key. That is not likely to change. Biometric security is based on something you have. In most instances is impossible to change if such security is somehow compromised. If the stakes are high enough, the rubber hose decryption method or its equivalents will work for either one.

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by grantspassalan (#47570169) Attached to: The Milky Way Is Much Less Massive Than Previous Thought

“What if we've missed something?”

The electric force is 10^36 times greater than gravity. Most humans, including physicists cannot really visualize a number with 36 zeros behind it. Because charges can either attract or repel, the electric forces in the universe ALMOST but not quite in some instances cancel each other. It is the ignoring of this tiny imbalance which is not being accounted for in the motion of the galaxies that causes astrophysicists to suggest the existence of dark matter, dark energy and black holes. None of these strictly mathematical constructs have ever been discovered to actually exist.

Comment: Re:What if he forgot it? (Score 1) 353

Like many people, this guy could have written his too long to remember password down on a note taped to the bottom of the keyboard. The police in their hurry to confiscate the computer lost the note. How would anybody ever prove or disprove that this scenario did not happen?

Comment: Re:Seems appropriate (Score 2) 353

The poor guy probably had the password written down on a Post-it note underneath the keyboard because it was too long and complicated to reasonably remember. The police in their hurry, when they confiscated the computer, lost that little note. How can anyone prove that this was not so. How can anyone prove that the guy does indeed not remember the password? After all, humans are forgetful creatures. I suppose being forgetful can land you in jail in the UK.

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by grantspassalan (#47039241) Attached to: Studies: Wildfires Worse Due To Global Warming

Warmer air can hold more moisture than colder air. Therefore if the overall temperature of the earth rises, there will be more average moisture in the atmosphere which will also result in more moisture precipitating out of the atmosphere. That increased moisture will still not be distributed more evenly than now.

Where do people think all that carbon was, before it was sequestered underground a long time ago? We call this stuff we burn “fossil fuel” because it was once part of living organisms, mostly plants. Where do plants get their carbon? Climate like most things in nature comes in cycles. It is natural and people have absolutely nothing to do with it. They never did in the past and they don’t now. AGW is a modern myth, a fairytale designed to control people and make someone lots of money.

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Just for fun I tried to watch a video on Hulu with Safari and sure enough they told me I had to have Flash installed in order to watch their stuff. Then I told Safari to lie to them and tell them that I am using an iPad. Low and behold the videos worked like a charm. Why do sites like Hulu and others still require that people have this malware vector installed on their systems?

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Here is a serious answer -> All iPads, iPhones and newer Macs don’t use Flash. You don’t even need a browser, but can download hundreds of games, many of them for free. Most of those free ones are far better than anything using Flash. Many of those games even work without an Internet connection, which none of the Flash-based games do.

Comment: Re:Parent SHOULD NOT be modded flamebait (Score 1) 178

There is nothing that Flash can do on the millions of iPads, iPhones and modern Macs, because it won’t run on any of them. On the rest of the devices out there, such as Android and Windows, Flash can be and often has been a fabulous way for malware writers to infiltrate your device.

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