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Comment: Re:Allergic reaction to MySQL (Score 4, Informative) 271

by jbellis (#31463898) Attached to: Digg Says Yes To NoSQL Cassandra DB, Bye To MySQL

Teradata and the other big relational db products (vertical, greenplum, etc) are all _analytical_ databases, designed for small amounts of complex queries, where adding new data to the system takes minutes if not hours. They are completely unsuitable for running a live application against.

Comment: Re:Since when is THAT a crime? (Score 2, Funny) 138

by grantsellis (#30410448) Attached to: Judges Can't "Friend" Lawyers in Florida
I'm sorry, but you lost me at, "If Hollywood has taught me anything about the Judiciary system," Because if Hollywood has taught me anything about the judicial system, it's that attorneys in criminal courts are people who are better looking than people you meet in real life, crime scene videos are infinitely zoomable so you can see the killer's microscopic tattoos, that judges like you to give a mini-criminal procedure lecture every time you make an objection, and that juries are actually impressed by grandstanding.

Comment: Re:Congratulations (Score 2, Interesting) 219

by grantsellis (#18207386) Attached to: Randal Schwartz's Charges Expunged
IANAL, but I work for a defense lawyer who handles expungements.

The whole point about expungement is that the court thinks you were guilty but is letting you off anyway because you've filled certain statutory criteria.

The most usual criterion (other than turning 18) is the passage of time.

This isn't justice delayed. The delay is the whole point. The court still thinks he's guilty but is letting him off anyway.

This means he can stop fighting REGARDLESS on whether or not the justice system thinks he was guilty.

+ - Whatever happened to Aerogel?

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BK117 writes: "When I first saw the news releases for this amazing material (in the early 1990's) they said it would revolutionize refrigerators, hot water heaters and many other devices needing lightweight insulation. Well, I have yet to see any consumer-level appliances using aerogels. Why not?"

Any given program will expand to fill available memory.