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Comment: Hotspot handover? (Score 1) 63

by grahammm (#48307669) Attached to: Study: There's a Wi-Fi Hotspot For Every 150 People In the World

As the article states, currently you have to log in to each hotspot individually. Are there ant plans to implement the protocol which enables you to migrate between hotspots in the same way as you move between cell towers, with each hotspot handing over your connection to the next? This could be useful for pedestrians in city centres, shopping areas etc and would relieve the load on the 3G networks in areas where lots of people are using data connections on their mobile phones. So that as you move between shops you do not have to keep logging in to a different hotspot.

Comment: Re:I'm surrounded by morons (Score 1) 613

by grahammm (#48293663) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Where Do You Stand on Daylight Saving Time?

By the time DST starts, it is already light past the time for getting home for work, and when DST ends it is starting to get dark at go-home time. During the summer it would be light during both morning and evening commute, and in winter it would be dark irrespective of DST. It is only during the few weeks around the clock changes that it affects whether the commutes are in daylight or darkness. Also as others have pointed out, the clock changes are at the time of year when it is getting light/dark during the morning/evening commute which leads to having to two periods each years of suffering the sun just over the horizon during each commute.

Comment: Re:I'm surrounded by morons (Score 1) 613

by grahammm (#48291617) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Where Do You Stand on Daylight Saving Time?

No. Most of (Western) Europe should be on GMT/UTC. The timezone system is based on the sun being at its highest point within 30 minutes of noon local time, with it being at exactly noon at the 15N degree longitude lines. So it is continental Europe that should change to the 'natural' timezone rather than the UK changing to CET.

Comment: Re:WTFBBQ (Score 1) 217

So just have 2 sets of doors and arrange so that they cannot both be open simultaneously - ie an airlock type system. The first set of doors is open and the second closed. People pass through the 1st door, the door closes and the 2nd door opens to allow the people to exit. The second door will not close (and the first remains closed) while there is anyone in the area between the doors. This means that if someone does try to go the wrong way, they will have to turn back and exit through the door they entered by.


The Challenges and Threats of Automated Lip Reading 120

Posted by Soulskill
from the surgical-masks-become-high-fashion-in-2018 dept.
An anonymous reader writes: Speech recognition has gotten pretty good over the past several years. it's reliable enough to be ubiquitous in our mobile devices. But now we have an interesting, related dilemma: should we develop algorithms that can lip read? It's a more challenging problem, to be sure. Sounds can be translated directly into words, but deriving meaning out of the movement of a person's face is much more complex. "During speech, the mouth forms between 10 and 14 different shapes, known as visemes. By contrast, speech contains around 50 individual sounds known as phonemes. So a single viseme can represent several different phonemes. And therein lies the problem. A sequence of visemes cannot usually be associated with a unique word or sequence of words. Instead, a sequence of visemes can have several different solutions." Beyond the computational aspect, we also need to decide, as a society, if this is a technology that should exist. The privacy implications extend beyond that of simple voice recognition.

Comment: Re:customer-centric (Score 1) 419

by grahammm (#47794473) Attached to: Microsoft Defies Court Order, Will Not Give Emails To US Government

Once Office is gone, Linux on the desktop is in. Office is the reason why businesses need windows on client, and exchange servers on the back end. Game over man, game over.

Why do you need Exchange Server on the back end to handle office? Office works fine on a standalone PC, SOHO users just have it running on a single PC or use windows shares (without a domain controller) to share documents. Office documents can be stored on any shared file system and sent/received by any email system. So exchange server is not needed to support office.

Comment: Re:Customer service? (Score 1) 928

Where there are allocated seats (which is not the case in this story), why would anyone want to pay extra to board first? In many other situations, the more important, or higher ranked, the person the later they have take their seat. For example in the Navy, the most senior officer is the last to board a transport and the first to disembark. When there are state occasions (such as a Royal marriage), the "ordinary" people have to arrive first and sometimes be in their seats hours in advance, whereas the VIPs arrive at the last moment.

As a business, or first class, traveller, which would you prefer - staying longer in the first/business class lounge and boarding last or boarding first and having to sit on the plane for longer before it departs?

Comment: Re:Damn I used to like southwest (Score 1) 928

I get the impression that you have about equal chances of getting a rude gate agent no matter what airlines you fly with.

Probably because the gate agents are not employed by the airline but by a third party contractor who provides the agents for all gates irrespective of the airline.

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