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Comment: V science fiction series (Score 1) 501

by grag (#43751369) Attached to: Florida Activates System For Citizens To Call Each Other Terrorists

This definitely reminds me of the V science fiction series from the 80s. Society looks down on science and scientists, and society puts full faith and trust in the authorities. People are ready to snitch on their neighbors over the slightest bit of suspicion.

The only difference from the series and real life, the enemy isn't an external force; it's us tearing ourselves apart in fear. Meanwhile, the power hungry simply use that fear to gain more power and wealth while everyone else is distracted and takes little notice.

Comment: Get free Farmville crap from 7-Eleven (Score 1) 96

by grag (#33446618) Attached to: Target To Sell Facebook "Credits" As Gift Cards

I stopped at my local 7-Eleven two nights ago and noticed that some items have small prize stickers on them. Lo and behold, the prize stickers are for items in Facebook games. I don't know what range of games the stickers apply to, but I did receive a prize for Farmville and another prize for Mafia Wars.

I think I'll save these for my nieces and nephews as gifts for Christmas.

Operating Systems

+ - Possible System Imaging Solutions?

Submitted by grag
grag (597728) writes "I work in a very lean IT department of a small game developer. Currently, we have a small testing lab our developers can use for compatibility testing. However, we will soon need to perform compatibility testing running 3d games on various language versions of MS Windows.

We will need a system where the developer can easily choose a desired language system image and restore a machine without the assistance of IT.

I've looked at Acronis Snap Deploy, but it will only load a Master image determined by the deployment server. I've also looked at using something with Ghost for Linux and a PXE server, but I'd first like to get some feedback from the Slashdot crowd to help point me in the right direction.

Has anyone deployed a setup that will allow a computer to PXE boot off a server and then present the user with a list of various system images to clone onto the hard drive?"
United States

+ - Congress trying for another database

Submitted by grag
grag (597728) writes "CNET reports that the US Congress, in their quest for immigration reform, seek to force employers to utilize a database to determine a person's eligibility for employment. The Department of Homeland Security would operate the database and would be given access to IRS records for this purpose.

The article also mentions similarities between the no-fly list and difficulties the proposed database could pose to valid people seeking employment."

There are two major products that come out of Berkeley: LSD and UNIX. We don't believe this to be a coincidence. -- Jeremy S. Anderson