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The Internet

Submission + - Bufferbloat: the submarine that's sinking the 'Net->

gottabeme writes: Jim Getty, one of the original X Window System developers and editor of the HTTP/1.1 spec, has posted a series of articles on his blog detailing his research on the relatively unknown problem of bufferbloat. Bufferbloat is affecting the entire Internet, slowly worsening as RAM prices drop and buffers enlarge, and is causing latency and jitter to spike, especially for home broadband users. Unchecked, this problem may continue to deteriorate the usability of interactive applications like VOIP and gaming, and being so widespread, will take years of engineering and education efforts to resolve. Being like "frogs in heating water," few people are even aware of the problem. Can bufferbloat be fixed before the Internet and 3G networks become nearly unusable for interactive apps?
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Submission + - Apple Gives In to Absurd Patent Claims

gottabeme writes: Well, here's one where you wish the big guy had squashed the little guy. Apple settled with a small Oregon company that claimed patents on simple aspects of iTunes, such as sorting and searching tracks, copying tracks to media players, and just plain choosing a track to play. If only they had stood up to him and helped to rid us of such absurd patents. But Apple has a few of those it likes to enforce too, doesn't it?

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