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Comment: Re:C++ - but look at C# as well (Score 1) 103

I'll admit I haven't seen much of Objective C (apart from on OSX) - while C++ is pretty much available on anything and anywhere. However I'd also recommend having a look at C#. If you are not allergic to Microsoft products it's got a lot to recommend it:

But stay away from Entity Framework and Nuget. EF is slow, and Nuget....well, even Microsoft evangelists criticize it.

Cross-platform tools like Xamarin (which as an interesting ecosystem for cross-platform mobile apps)

If you do want to do cross-platform development, you should stay away from advanced C# features like code-contracts. In fact, if you really want to do that, then you should have at least one person developing on Linux, so you stay aware of all the little incompatibilities.

Comment: Re:Drive needles (Score 1) 40

by vadim_t (#49168149) Attached to: New Seagate Shingled Hard Drive Teardown

More than a head per side? It's been attempted, and turned out it's not really worth it. It's a lot of extra complication for not that much benefit. Heads are expensive and generate heat, so it works out to close 2X the price anyway, plus an increased change of failure. Easier and safer to just add another drive.

These days there are SSDs too.

Comment: Re:But what if they mix with the Virus Vault (Score 1) 48

If the human species needs instructions on how to plant a fucking seed, all of your above questions are irrelevant. I give you a bag of seeds labelled "fwqnuiohuio", but don't tell you it's a plant that won't do very well outside of a warm-to-semi-tropical region, the plant fruits are underground but the plant itself is otherwise useless for food, it requires a *lot* of water during the latter phase of fruiting else you've wasted your time, and oh - it stands a great chance of giving a not-insignificant percentage of folks who eat the results a nasty case of anaphylactic shock.

Maybe cultural memories would help them recognize what a peanut is? Not sure if it'd help them know how to grow the things...

Comment: Re:Jerri (Score 1) 452

Your argument: "hey genius: 'two wrongs don't make a right"
Oh so clever you are.

My argument: "You're still partisan, unable to see the stupidity of your own party, and you can write pages and pages attempting to justify your partisanship."

Here's something entertaining for you to consider: if Clinton wins the dem primary, and Bush wins the rep primary (please God no), then we'll have a democrat who voted to invade Iraq running against a republican who didn't.

Politicians move on but partisan stupidity has remained for centuries. Partisan politics are an attempt to divide people.

Comment: Re:But what if they mix with the Virus Vault (Score 1) 48

On a more reality-based note...

How in the hell are the survivors (who would be practically random) going to know...

1) that such a thing exists
2) where (exactly) it is
3) how to get there (and back) without dying of something in the process (exposure, starvation, ocean storms, etc)
4) (assuming generations later) how to read the content labels, instructions, etc ...?

It's a nice gesture and all for nearly any other scenario, but a *lot* of assumptions would have to be made for this to be viable in a no-shit doomsday scenario. At one point in human prehistory, it was estimated that a small extinction event reduced us to around 100k people, globally. That's a pretty scattered dispersion, and assuming a similar number of survivors in some future doomsday scenario, the odds are almost lottery-sized against putting it to use.

I'm not saying they should give up (far from it, actually) - I just think that maybe, just maybe they should expand on the idea a bit, and consider a few factors that seem awfully important when planning for a global doomsday scenario.

Comment: Re:Last straw? (Score 1) 452

The BBC doesn't say that, Professor Harrison says that.

The BBC does say that this year we will have paid off the last outstanding WW1 debt when we refinance the outstanding £1.9Billion balance of the 1932 war bond.

The author of the article you point to, Finlo Rohrer, has also been heavily criticised in the past of biased and misleading articles, so I would take whatever he writes with a pinch of salt...

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