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Comment: "Maybe", except not, unless you ignore most of it (Score 1) 343

by raymorris (#47427181) Attached to: Blueprints For Taming the Climate Crisis

> End-user prices for electricity are maybe 3x times higher in Germany

Maybe, except no. The wholesale spot price is three times higher, but German households pay more in green energy surcharges than they do in actual per kwh production costs. You have to ignore MOST of the charges on the household electric bill to say it's only three times as much as US households pay.

> In fact, Germany exports a lot of electricity (e.g. to France).

You got your two countries mixed up. France is the world's number one net EXPORTER of electricity. As in, they sell more electricity than other other country in the world. Check IEA if you think I'm mistaken. The cost in France is half of what it is in Germany, IEA numbers. They aren't buying it up from Germany for twice as much as they sell it for. France uses nuclear plants to produce 75% of that electricity.

> solar was 30 TWh (4.7%)

So they pay ten times as much (or let's pretend it's three times as much) and for all that extra money, only 4.7% is solar.
If each family paid $5,000 / month for their electric bill, maybe 20% of it could be solar! The other 80% could be bought from the French nuclear plants.

> The idea that the grid provides only 12.8% percent of the electricity is Germany is so wrong that I am speechless.

You numbskulls keep making the same mistake. The "50%" headline here on Slashdot made the same mistake, and I explained it then, quite clearly.
Since you don't seem to have the attentions span to read the exhaustive explanation, here's a short hint for you. Meditate on this quote:

"You're not going to be charging up a Telsa in Germany!"

Comment: science & computing not philosophy (Score 1) 261

by globaljustin (#47425243) Attached to: The Lovelace Test Is Better Than the Turing Test At Detecting AI

another thing, you missed my point (which I put in bold text) completely

my point was that discussions of "what is intelligence?" ARE NOT SCIENTIFIC OR COMPUTING QUESTIONS

sure, investigating how the human brain works is science...

and trying to make a faster/better computer by applying that knowledge is science...

but arguing language and definitions of abstract concepts?

philosophy major's job

Comment: logical contradiction & you agree with me? (Score 1) 261

by globaljustin (#47425161) Attached to: The Lovelace Test Is Better Than the Turing Test At Detecting AI

you criticize me for saying something, then tell me that the OP was right **for saying the same thing**

OP's point, which you're deliberately missing, is that whatever intelligence is, it is not an observer-relative thing which demands that the observer be unaware of the mechanism

that was MY point...

intelligence IS NOT OBSERVER RELATIVE...that's why the Turing Test and Lovelace Test are completely unusable and foolish as a test of acheiving "artificial intelligence"

because they can **move the goalposts**

you're agreeing with me, getting upmodded...but talking as if you have presented a counterpoint

Comment: all tautology & frankenstein (Score 1) 261

by globaljustin (#47425101) Attached to: The Lovelace Test Is Better Than the Turing Test At Detecting AI

In particular, if one could hypothetically replace someone's brain with a computer and not know the difference then the computer must necessarily be intelligent, insofar as humans are intelligent

simply untrue...

why? your scenario is incomplete

what is the **context** of this test of the computer-brain hybrid person?

how long do i get to talk to them? can i spend all 24 hours of each day with them? I have many more questions about the complexity of the 'test' for this frankenstein

the whole notion that "if people think it is X then it is X" is a tautology...tell that to your philosophy friend

Comment: you can steal 'not-money' (Score 1) 110

article headline is stupid...

ruling that something can be stolen does not prove it is "money"

anything of value that can be owned can be stolen (in monetary terms)

"money" is a dumb word to use as a milestone

BTC's problem is that it is not accepted as payment for things like taxes, mortgage payments, car's not accepted's a hobby currency

when you can pay your mortgage or taxes with BTC then it is "money"

Comment: Re:Life on Mars? (Score 1) 258

The fermi paradox, plus the lack of reason to establish a colony in this solar system combined with the difficulty of leaving this solar system. It would be much, much easier to have colonies on the bottom of the ocean than to have them on the moon or Mars (and of course, Venus is brutal).

I hope I'm wrong, but I don't see much reason for hope.

Comment: Re:Bitcoin isn't money but it's still a financial (Score 1) 110

You clearly don't understand Bitcoin (as your description of it so eloquently conveys) if you think its primary purpose is to launder money.

He didn't say that (just as the primary purpose of laundry detergent isn't to launder money, it's to wash clothes. LTR). He said the reason Silk Road used it is to launder money. There's a difference.

Comment: Re: yes but (Score -1) 297

by roman_mir (#47424529) Attached to: Wireless Contraception

Your meta comments stopped making sense even during the last post, here:

In this case which would you support, the freedom of the employees to make their own choices or the freedom of HL to try to dictate those choices for them?

- what kind of logic is this? The 2 statements have nothing to do with each other.

Would I support freedom of employees or freedom of HL "to dictate"? You have squarely placed your bias into that very statement.

I support freedom of the individual AND I disagree with your premise that HL 'dictates' anything to anybody! Government dictates to HL AND to the employees by getting between them and changing the rules of the private contract.

As to 'sock puppet' nonsense, either you want to hear my answer to your comment or you do not. If you do not then state so clearly and I will not answer. If you do however want to have an answer, then you will have to accept that I can only leave 2 comments in 24 hour period on my main account and I have no choice but to use my backup account (which also can only be used twice in a day) and it should not matter to you how I left the comment, but it seems it does, which means you are not actually discussing anything here.

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