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Journal Journal: DVD burning...

My technological foray of the week - a DVD burner. Now if I can just perfect the process of moving files from my ReplayTV to my server, into video editing software and onto DVDs.

Nothing in life is ever simple. Just when I thought I had this nailed with a combination of DVArchive, the Moonlight Decoder, and the Pinnacle Expression software that came with my DVD burner... I've got some funky video artifacts in the output.

Now if it were just blockiness or something that would be understandable but sometimes certain parts of the video will go all grey. It only happens just periodically enough to be annoying.

I'm guessing it's a compression artifact -- probably the Pinnacle software in conjunction with the Moonlight MPEG decoder that I need to open the ReplayTV's MPEG2 files. (They're slightly idiosyncratic.)

Hopefully I'll solve it.

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Journal Journal: Of ethernet and small furry burrowing creatures...

I just bought a new (okay, old) house recently and decided to wire ethernet from my 'office' room around to the family room at the other end of the house. I've already got wireless so you might ask "why?"

We own a ReplayTV... and it's got ethernet... and there's wonderful software called DVArchive that will let me play shows off the ReplayTV on our computers. But the wireless bandwidth is a little iffy so I ran ethernet out the wall and around the house.

Which is where the moles come in. Real moles, not the spy novel variety. I discovered the burrowed lines around the side of my house when I was running my cat5 cable.

And that leads me to wonder what the "Slashdot way" of getting rid of moles would be... Surely there's some geeky technological way to go about it.

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