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+ - Wikipedia Co-Founder Seeks to Start Over

Submitted by Boom~!
Boom~! (1011153) writes "In just six years, Wikipedia has mushroomed into one of the Web's most astonishing successes, with 1.7 million articles in English alone. The downside is that the free encyclopedia has its share of errors and juvenile vandalism, and sometimes the writing is incomprehensibly arcane. To Wikipedia fans, these blemishes are an unavoidable — and relatively small — price to pay for the dazzling breadth spawned by its "anyone can edit" open design"

+ - Lightning Fast Programs with the SPU of Cell BE

Submitted by IdaAshley
IdaAshley (666) writes "Write optimal code for Cell BE processor's synergistic processing unit (SPU) and have your programs running lightning fast. This installment of the Cell BE processor series covers SIMD vector programming, branch elimination and hinting techniques, loop unrolling, and instruction scheduling. Part 1 gives an introduction to Linux on the PLAYSTATION 3, while Part 2 shows you how to program the SPE's of Sony PS3, and Part 3 dives further into the SPE's of Cell BE."

+ - RIAA sues paralyzed stroke victim

Submitted by Stangger
Stangger (666) writes "Just when you thought they couldn't do any worse, the RIAA is suing a paralyzed Stroke victim for alleged copyright infringment in Michigan. Of course, he lives in Florida, but that shouldn't be more than a minor glitch in the lawsuit. Article: http://gizmodo.com/gadgets/riaa-boycott/riaa-tires -of-suing-babies-and-elderly-moves-on-to-paralyzed -stroke-victims-244108.php"

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