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Because of course that statement means that all women have inferior brains, right?

How else would women be incapable of being neutral?

You realise that just because you (for example) are unable to hold a neutral point of view, it does not mean that your brain is necessarily inferior. Do you also translate "more men are incarcerated" into "more men have an inferior brain"?

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If they had such foresight in the first place, it seems like perhaps they wouldn't be in a position where someone they shouldn't trust could surreptitiously slip them drugs in their drinks.

I'm not "blaming the victim", mind you.

Actually, you are blaming the victim. Here's a common scenario: Guy that a woman knows buys her a drink. It doesn't need to be alcoholic. It could be soda. Or maybe it's alcoholic but the woman hasn't been drinking much. Either way, woman accepts the drink (since she knows the guy) and drinks it. Unbeknownst to her, though, the guy has been acting nice in hopes of getting her into bed and has decided to "speed things up" by spiking her drink. She passes out and wakes up having been raped.

Saying that it is this women's fault that she didn't have the "foresight" to "be in a position [snipped]

He didn't say that. You're saying that he said that. Parent made no reference to whose fault it might be.

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"I'm not "blaming the victim""

I hate to break it to you, but that is exactly what you are doing. You are also claiming that only woman without much brains or ability to think for themselves and plan ahead like to have a good time in public.

He actually makes a very good point - the only time this will be worn is when a women is about to enter a potentially dangerous situation. Going to the book club? No need for this. Going to hang with new friends at the bar? Then this nail polish becomes useful. Unfortunately my understanding of human nature is that those who have riskier outlooks in life also tend to worry less about the precautions.

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... and each is equally evil. It doesn't matter if they agreed to date the rapist, or already figured out what a scumbag they are. Rapists deserve the death penaly.

Thereby turning every rape into a murder (why leave a witness - it's not like they can execute you twice after all). There is something severely wrong with society when the taking of a human life is considered to be the same as forced penetration.

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[snipped...] then why was women's participation in computer science higher in 1984 than it is today?

They had fewer choices then. They have more choices now, and they are exercising those choices and leaving the field. Since 1984 we've gotten less sexist, not more.

Regardless, that answer is just as valid as any you come up with.

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Sorry, I don't believe it just because a couple of researchers, presumably with an agenda or a desire for further funding of their anthropological tintinnabulations, have written about it.

WTF is wrong with you? I live here, I've suffered under white rule and my entire family was a struggle family so I've got no agenda. The fact is that this is a belief that is shared by many of the locals here :-( Why don't you believe what newspapers, researchers and people on the ground are telling you - these folk are still stuck in the stone age in many respects. Grab any local newspaper you want and see for yourself the pathetic beliefs these people have:

Virgin cure belief

Another one of many

Here's official african government admitting to the baby-rape problem

How about bullet-proof vaseline and other stupidities?

Results of the official inquiry into the massacre

Strikers use body parts from security gaurd for their muti

Cutting up a 6 year old girl for body parts for their muti before they even killed her.

In fact, there are too many stories in the courts to even list. You no longer have the assertions of a couple of anthropologist's, you have the statement of a born-and-bred african who is living here, you have official reports of cases in courts and you also have independent newspapers all verifying the same facts.

Maintaining your skepticism in the face of all this will just make you look foolish. These thugs from the above stories aren't ignorant; they've all completed high-school (equivalent to a US HS diploma) and many of them even have tertiary education. It has become abundantly clear that the problem cannot be solved by relieving these idiots of their ignorance with education; the problem is not ignorance, it's stupidity.

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I don't believe that story at all.

Why not? Is the reports by multiple newspapers not enough to convince you? How about a report from a local (me)? It's true, that they believe such crap is fact and is undisputed.

But even if it's true, what we're dealing with here is an ignorant, uneducated population most of whom don't have access to information, don't watch the daily news, don't (can't) read newspapers, haven't ever heard of the germ theory of disease, and with a government the members of which are enriching themselves in the traditional African way through corruption, coercion and violence.

You're way off base there. Look up the Marikana massacre. The idiot miners, all well past high-school with extra vocational training, went to a witchdoctor who gave them a muti that they could rub all over their body that will make them immune to bullets. They not only believed it (because that particular belief is common in this country), they bought the stuff, smeared themselves with it and then performed an all-out balls-to-the-wall assault on some 200 armed police officers (who also believe in this shit).

The results were as bad as you would guess.

The problem is not one of ignorance - everyone goes through the school system, no exceptions. The problem is one of stupidity; even those locals with advanced degrees still believe in muti that makes one bulletproof, or the virgin cure for HIV. The locals here are just plain stupid and no amount of education over the past two decades has managed to shake them of their beliefs in bulletproof vaseline and/or virgin cures and/or anything else that is stupid.

Thankfully the situation in Africa is slowly improving, though I think the current generation in this locality is probably doomed to plod on in ignorance regardless.

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So you accept the notion of widespread persecution, but you think its directed towards men? That is a pretty weird thing to believe in a society where the vast majority of politicians, CEOs, and wealthiest people are men. I just don't see it.

Well, seeing as the vast majority of jailed-citizens, dangerous-get-killed-on-the-job-employees and violent-crime-victims are men, why do you believe that if there is widespread persecution, it is not against men?

Trouble is, people like you look up and see it is dominated by men and conclude that that it must be because of persecution. You never look down and see that that sphere also is widely dominated by males. You're ignoring that males dominate the extremes of every measurement that exists, both the top and the bottom.

Men dominate the geniuses while simultaneously dominating the darwin-award-winners; men are over represented in acts of valor while also being over-represented in acts of selfishness (embezzlement). Men are stray more than the median in both directions in measures of height, weight and shoe-size than women do. Doesn't mean anything.

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The author is NOT the right person to do this. Lawyers have a saying "A lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client".

I was told that by a Magistrate when I was representing myself in a violent crime case. I replied (much to the Magistrates enjoyment), "Anyone representing a lawyer has a fool for a client".

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Don't talk to many women do you? Just ask a woman. Ask your mother. I think you will be surprised how common it is.

Ask simple questions like: Have you ever felt unsafe because of the comments men are making about you?

I'm not responsible if you feel uncomfortable around me. Your feeling uncomfortable might be due to me actively working to make you uncomfortable, or it may just be you being paranoid.

How often do you evaluate your personal security around men?

Men evaluate their personal security around other men all the time. It's not sexist in any way if women do the same.

Have you ever been sexually harassed?

In online forums? All the time.

Know a geek girl? Ask her: Have you ever been harassed with a rape threat because of a comment you made on line?

As a man, I face violent threats all the time online. This includes death threats.

Listen to the answers and then start looking at your own behavior. Why are you making it the women's problem rather than looking at your own behavior and beliefs?

Because most people understand that your "feels" may not actually be rooted in anything I did. If my wife "feels" neglected, it's not necessarily a fact that I neglect her. If my wife "feels" unloved, it is not necessarily a fact that I do not love her. If a woman I talk to at work "feels" harassed, it is not necessarily a fact that I harassed her.

The problem is that you are trying to make men responsible for the way women feel, and "feels" are an entirely subjective thing. When you can objectively measure on a proper granular scale how "loved", "creepy", etc a man is being (regardless of how the woman perceives it), then we can talk about whether it's a problem or not - until then it's all subjective and I see no reason for the female point of view into feelings to be more legitimate than the males point of view.

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Yet TradeMe still exists and people use direct bank transfers than any other payment method on the site. If your claim (that business this way is not practical) was true then people would not use direct bank transfers. But they do. Ipso facto your claim can't be true.

My claim was and still is that using cash eliminates many of the scams - your claim was that scamming was too infrequent to matter. I provided evidence that it was frequent enough that the marketplace warned you against handing over money via bank transfers (other than their own special bank transfer that still had no guarantees). Please read those links I posted - they actually specifically warn against bank transfers.

Again, the system is widely used here. So the onus is on you to back up your claim that it can't possibly work with evidence.

I refer you to the trademe trust and safety blog (yes, it really is called that):

But the system still works. You haven't provided any evidence that it doesn't. You haven't even provided evidence that the incidence of fraud is higher with direct bank transfers.

I don't need to provide evidence that it doesn't work because I never made the claim that it does not work. I claimed that untrusted transactions are best with payment and possession taking place at the same time, hence cash works best for this. The sites you pointed me to warn specifically about doing bank transfers.

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You're saying "it can't possibly work, because scams". I'm telling you it does actually work here.

You're claiming "It works, because there are no scams", and I'm telling you, right now and right here, there are scams in all the classifieds. You're relying on the fact that people are honest; I'm comfortable being skeptical. You're asking me to trust "because it doesn't happen", and I'm saying that over here it's a daily occurrence. I actually don't know how to make it any clearer - if you're buying something off of craigslist, or whichever classifieds, the damn site itself warns you to be skeptical! Even the marketplace itself is telling you that there are scammers out there!

No, you're misrepresenting my position. I never claimed there were no scams. I said it was not a significant problem in practice. Perhaps that is due to a difference in the cultures of our countries. But the fact remains that the system works here. When you claim that a system that is in widespread use doesn't work, that's not skepticism. It's simply denial.

From the trademe site, they warn about this specifically: So, they themselves think that if you hand over money you could lose it. Let me emphasise that for you: Trademe themselves think that you should use any protection you can when paying money and you should not rely on trust!

So the trust issue is not an insignificant problem, but it is one that is painlessly solved by using cash.

Again, the system is widely used here. So the onus is on you to back up your claim that it can't possibly work with evidence.

I refer you to the trademe trust and safety blog (yes, it really is called that):

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