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you dont seem to understand that 100% wrong, on the attackers part has nothing at all to do with sharing the blame. He is wrong to attack you 100% he had no right to do so. but that does not mean that you could not have avoided it by doing something slightly different than you chose to do.

Then I'm glad you've moved from your previous position of blaming the victim: "If I walk to the bad part of town and that I know is the bad part of town and something bad happens to me yes, I am partially to blame"

1) You're making a strawman - parent said no such thing.
2) Society has already decided that you're wrong - society has already decided that there is nothing wrong in apportioning blame to the victims in certain circumstances.

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I have no problem with probability. Risk is simply probability attached to a bad outcome. I understand it very well. But unlike you I differentiate it from responsibility. The word risk is confusing you.

You have a serious problem with logic - try telling your insurance that, yes, even though you left your car in a rough part of town, overnight, with the keys in the ignition and all the windows rolled down, that they have to pay up because "it's 100% the criminals fault". The insurance company understands risks much better than you, and thus I'm inclined (and just about every other human out there, barring SJW's) to follow their logic much better than I follow your non-logic.

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There is not the slightest bit of emotion in my argument. It's perfectly rational. The criminal is 100% responsible for the crimes they chose to commit. And thus there in no percentage points available for allocating to the victim.

There is nothing rational in your argument. We can (and do, as a matter of fact) call the criminal 100% guilty of the crime and call the victim $X% guilty of stupidity. This in no way endorses the crime, as you seem to think, especially in the case of rape.

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"Responsibility" implies that you are at fault if you don't do a thing. And you've already allocated 100% of the "at fault" to the rapist. So there's a logical fault there.


You know it would be less risky if I didn't carry cash in my wallet. But that doesn't make me even slightly responsible or to blame if I get mugged.

How the hell did this get modded insightful? No one is victim blaming - if a girl gets blackout-drunk at a private party with people she doesn't know very well then she isn't guilty of being raped, she's guilty of being stupid. The rapist still get's 100% "at fault" for rape. The victim get's $SOME% "at fault" for being stupid.

You're making a silly claim - that people should be absolved of all responsibility even when they take risks. Sorry, no. While the criminal is still 100% to be blamed for the crime, that doesn't prevent us from saying "what a stupid twit " for the victim taking unnecessary risks.

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by goose-incarnated (#47832471) Attached to: Combating Recent, Ugly Incidents of Misogyny In Gamer Culture

More over it definitely is a consistent and widespread problem in games. Almost all adult "open world" style games feature prostitutes, for example. .

How is this misogynistic? Does the existence of prostitutes, whether in a game or in real life, make the culture woman-hating? If anything, the non-ostracised presence of prostitutes signifies *more* freedom for women (and men, if they choose the job).

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by goose-incarnated (#47814389) Attached to: You Got Your Windows In My Linux

What us geeks dislike about it is much the same reason we dislike systemd: its an abstract layer between you and the configuration of your services/daemons. We like init.d in that we can script those daemons and even add on to those init scripts if we choose. Where as windows services puts this wall between you and that sweetness. And systemd is pushing us in that direction and OP's last comment in the summary is ringing more and more true.

Uh, tell me how to adjust an init.d script such that: 1. You add support for running the daemon with an ionice level which was missing from the original script. AND 2. The next distro upgrade won't blow your changes away, and you won't have to manually re-combine your changes with their new init script which adds some new feature yours lacks?

I'll tell you how - the way smart admins have always done it, by keeping their changes in a different file stored in version control that get's merged with whatever's in /etc after a dist-upgrade. Seriously:

1. The server isn't getting a dist-upgrade every few weeks unless the admin is stupid already, in which case he's probably *for* systemd and not against it
2. It's all text files, hence easy to manage merges with scripts and view differences
3. It's text files, hence a svn/git repo is going to contain all the configuration anyway, unless the admin is stupid already, in which case he's probably for systemd (again).

With systemd you just stick a drop-in in /etc and it will only override that one setting in the default unit - and there is no file collision. That's the beauty of declarative programming.

They say the same thing about excel spreadsheets. Most spreadsheets are still a hideous mess to maintain. I think you just proved the "against" argument.

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by goose-incarnated (#47783301) Attached to: Why Women Have No Time For Wikipedia

Because of course that statement means that all women have inferior brains, right?

How else would women be incapable of being neutral?

You realise that just because you (for example) are unable to hold a neutral point of view, it does not mean that your brain is necessarily inferior. Do you also translate "more men are incarcerated" into "more men have an inferior brain"?

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If they had such foresight in the first place, it seems like perhaps they wouldn't be in a position where someone they shouldn't trust could surreptitiously slip them drugs in their drinks.

I'm not "blaming the victim", mind you.

Actually, you are blaming the victim. Here's a common scenario: Guy that a woman knows buys her a drink. It doesn't need to be alcoholic. It could be soda. Or maybe it's alcoholic but the woman hasn't been drinking much. Either way, woman accepts the drink (since she knows the guy) and drinks it. Unbeknownst to her, though, the guy has been acting nice in hopes of getting her into bed and has decided to "speed things up" by spiking her drink. She passes out and wakes up having been raped.

Saying that it is this women's fault that she didn't have the "foresight" to "be in a position [snipped]

He didn't say that. You're saying that he said that. Parent made no reference to whose fault it might be.

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by goose-incarnated (#47755523) Attached to: New Nail Polish Alerts Wearers To Date Rape Drugs

"I'm not "blaming the victim""

I hate to break it to you, but that is exactly what you are doing. You are also claiming that only woman without much brains or ability to think for themselves and plan ahead like to have a good time in public.

He actually makes a very good point - the only time this will be worn is when a women is about to enter a potentially dangerous situation. Going to the book club? No need for this. Going to hang with new friends at the bar? Then this nail polish becomes useful. Unfortunately my understanding of human nature is that those who have riskier outlooks in life also tend to worry less about the precautions.

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... and each is equally evil. It doesn't matter if they agreed to date the rapist, or already figured out what a scumbag they are. Rapists deserve the death penaly.

Thereby turning every rape into a murder (why leave a witness - it's not like they can execute you twice after all). There is something severely wrong with society when the taking of a human life is considered to be the same as forced penetration.

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[snipped...] then why was women's participation in computer science higher in 1984 than it is today?

They had fewer choices then. They have more choices now, and they are exercising those choices and leaving the field. Since 1984 we've gotten less sexist, not more.

Regardless, that answer is just as valid as any you come up with.

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