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Comment: A sad day, but maybe a catalyst (Score 3, Insightful) 123

by goodviking (#38743684) Attached to: Jerry Yang Resigns From Yahoo

Let me preface this statement by saying I love yahoo, or rather I love who theyused to be. I started using yahoo in the akebono days. Back then, Yahoo helped transform the web from a loosely connected set of "hotlists" into a strtuctured entity. They were the cartd catalog for the world wide web, and they owned the space. But they lost their way in the dotcom hype brigade. They tried to be the orginization of the web, the sales front, the noIse maker, ... They built their business on being an organizing force online.

Those days are long gone. They gave it up to be the circus barkers of the internet and are now just like the circus, an outdated spectical with no compelling purpose, kept alive by nostalgia. If Yahoo is to exist in anyrelevant form in 10 years, there needs to be a blood letting. It may be ugly and brutal, but in the end maybe Yahoo will find a reason to exist.

In the end, I am not shedding a tear for Jerry Yang anymore than anyone else who won the lottery.


+ - Dell's re-invention->

Submitted by
jcatcw writes "An IDG analysis of Dell's attempts to reinvent itself concludes that there are some positive results, but there are problems with the company's supply-chain management and support. Dell can't get its servers and OptiPlex desktops to individuals or small businesses in a timely manner, according to Josh Kaplan or Rescuecom. But Kurt Scherf of Parks Associates thinks that the new enterprise support services could trickle into the consumer segment and benefit end-users."
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+ - The IRS Will Fax Your Life to Anyone Who Asks

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Apparently, the IRS is more than happy to fax all your private tax information to anyone who calls up and knows a little bit about you. Identification not required. Really scary with all the identity theft going on. You should have to at least fax in an ID."

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