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Comment: Re:A false choice, of course... (Score 1) 2044 2044

by good soldier svejk (#31542342) Attached to: Health Care Reform
Social Security has always outperformed its financial forecasts. Also the the A-10 Thunderbolt II, a project actually run by an Air Force officer, outside of the normal private design submission process, came in under budget, on time and with better that expected performance. Those are two that spring to mind anyway.

But you are right that 10 year economic forecasts, private of government, are rarely accurate. That is part of why SS routinely outperforms long term forecasts, the economy as a whole generally does.

Comment: Data Domain De-duplicated NAS (Score 1) 411 411

by good soldier svejk (#31353350) Attached to: Long-Term Storage of Moderately Large Datasets?
Basically it is a NAS that breaks your data into sub-block sized chunks at ingestion, checksums it and single instances the chunks. Most users get 20:1 average compression. Obviously different data types de-dupe at different efficiencies. Our VM images typically hit 40:1, SQL Server DBs about 30:1, medical images 5:1. DDOS now includes some archive specific features, which it sounds like you might find useful. It also has a very robust replication feature. Since it was originally designed for backup, it is optimized for data integrity. DD is dead simple to configure and operate and the support is great.

Comment: Re:Fix SMB first (Score 1) 276 276

by good soldier svejk (#29331619) Attached to: A Different Perspective On Snow Leopard's Exchange Support
Huh... when did that happen? I've never had it work. I just checked in Snowy and it still doesn't work there. Which is sad since they use samba for the server. You'd think they'd at least match its client capabilities.

Of course, all CIFS is proprietary. The Samba team just does an awesome job reverse engineering it. The Open Group SMB standard is now basically a fork thanks to MS's policy.

OK, looks like Samba added DFS about two years ago.

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