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Comment: Re:Actual Detection of Impared Drivers (Score 1) 608

by gonzo_ks (#42060251) Attached to: With Pot Legal, Scientists Study Detection of Impaired Drivers
Ask any officer or insurance adjustor. Scenario #2 will almost invariably be the liability of the driver in the rear. The space between him/her and the unfortunate car in front was not enough to allow for an emergency stop. Just my two cents...not that I agree with it.

Comment: Re:if they keep using unity.. (Score 1) 318

by gonzo_ks (#41708969) Attached to: Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal Out Now; Raring Ringtail In the Works
I had almost the exact same thing happen. The family workstation that the kids use for homework went 'T-U' via HD failure. Replaced HD and threw down 12.04. Just released it back to the kids with user accounts setup, everything brought up to date...that was it. They started using it (12, 9 and 9) and had ZERO problems with it. May as well have been using it for years. The only real comment was the lack of MS Orifice...err, Office. So, they are all now running Thinkpads of their own, each with 12.04 loaded and have zero issues. To each his or her own I guess.

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