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Comment: joe sixpack might not be amused (Score 1) 633

by golgafrincham (#13259830) Attached to: Windows Vista May Degrade OpenGL
just imagine, a normal windows user has some opengl apps, be it celestia or blender or some id game (a lot of joe sixpacks still do quake1/2/3), maybe their favourite screensaver. so, the user updates her operating system, and the apps/ games suddenly doen't work as fast as before.

and it's not that joe sixpack has to switch to the mysterious "linux", he just pulls out his old xp cd and that's it.

but as we all know, ms may be evil, but they're not stupid. their tactics will work, because vista will be shipped by default on many mainstream pcs. the only hope i have is that the software market changes a lot until vista is available, and switching the os will be a common thing like downloading new drivers.

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