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Comment: Re:Sounds anti-competitve to me (Score 1) 675

by goldfndr (#38704506) Attached to: Microsoft Taking Aggressive Steps Against Linux On ARM
You're missing drinkypoo's point. Having the Feds "get involved" sets only an expectation of theatrics (e.g. hearings). Involvement without producing action (and action, as drinkypoo implied, in terms of negative consequences, didn't occur previously; they instead got a sort of probation) would be a waste of time/money.

Comment: Phelan: a change in the customer is sufficient (Score 2, Interesting) 34

by goldfndr (#34362078) Attached to: Canada's Federal Court of Appeal To Rule On Business Methods
Something enabling the typing of your thoughts would be patentable according to Phelan:

Tangibility is not an issue. The “physical effect”, transformation or change of character resides in the customer manipulating their computer and creating an order. It matters not that the “goods” ordered are not physically changed.

Per Phelan, you are changed.

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