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Comment Re:Sounds anti-competitve to me (Score 1) 675 675

You're missing drinkypoo's point. Having the Feds "get involved" sets only an expectation of theatrics (e.g. hearings). Involvement without producing action (and action, as drinkypoo implied, in terms of negative consequences, didn't occur previously; they instead got a sort of probation) would be a waste of time/money.

Comment Phelan: a change in the customer is sufficient (Score 2, Interesting) 34 34

Something enabling the typing of your thoughts would be patentable according to Phelan:

Tangibility is not an issue. The “physical effect”, transformation or change of character resides in the customer manipulating their computer and creating an order. It matters not that the “goods” ordered are not physically changed.

Per Phelan, you are changed.

Comment Re:How do I comply? (Score 1) 309 309

For GPL v3, one is obliged to provide the source only to those who have the binary code (6b). However, for GPL v2, the offer must be valid for any third party (3b). And it doesn't necessarily apply anyway for v3, due to the termination section (v3 section 8 has taken effect).

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