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Comment Re:You must be new here (Score 1) 1817

We need an explicit "disagree" mod to allow mods to express their intent.

No, we don't. All mods are +1 or -1; that is their purpose. The tag is just there to indicate why you wanted to mod the post. People should not be downrating posts because they disagree with them. The fact that some people are misusing mods to do so anyways does not mean the system should starting endorsing it.

We really need to emphasize the idea that someone can disagree with you, but be sincere, not trolling, if we want to be different from the non-geek sites.

And you can. Hit the "reply" button. Posting a "disagree" tag on a post without stating any reasons or arguments is meaningless.

Comment Re:Electronic Engineer Here (Score 1) 220

Also has anyone figured out how to fix lonesome smartphone syndrome? You know where your droid gets lonely when left unattended and starts calling people at random by itself?

I'd recommend stop keeping your smartphone in a back pocket. A belt case would be ideal--it'd prevent the screen from being cracked, too.

Comment Everything fail at once? (Score 1) 220

That is, I'm sorry, stupid. It would take a large amount of effort, much of it directed towards making parts fail faster just so that the consumer can feel good about not having to throw something out just because one piece failed.

The correct answer is, of course, to make things repairable, and arrange so that the failed part can be replaced. But that would cut into profit margins.

On an unrelated note, have the new Slashdot overlords fired everybody but Timmay?

Comment Re:Maybe it's not profitable? (Score 1) 242

As was thinking the same thing. Intel is a hardware company who makes hardware that is frankly overpowered compared to what most users have for them to do, so what to do? Well make sure they have enough work to bog the hell out of 'em, thus making new chips seem more attractive. Selling software that helps older machines stay out in the field by cutting down on the work they have to do? Not good for business, not good at all.

That does make me wonder though if Intel is royally pissed at MSFT, after all Intel was able to sell chips for years on "What Intel giveth MSFT taketh away" but the last 3 releases have been actually getting better as far as resource usage, not worse. I bet Intel is probably steamed that such an easy way to sell chips has been taken away which would give them one more reason not to want to sell software that lowers system usage.

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